Seven Tips to Stay Safe While Jogging

In the past few months, there have been some horrific murders of joggers. Many of these murders occurred in broad daylight, dispelling the myth that these attacks only happen in the dark.

Here are some quick tips to share with your friends and family. Keep them in mind when you go trail running or jogging in your own neighborhood:

1. Never, ever run while wearing headphones. You can’t hear your surroundings and you won’t know if someone is approaching you from behind. Unfortunately, several of the recent victims were found with their headphones.

2. Join a running club. This way, you’ll have a partner or two when you run. There is safety in numbers, and criminals will seldom attack a group.

3. Make eye contact with passersby. If you think someone is following you, look them in the eye and let them know you see them. What’s more, don’t be afraid to say something. The worst thing you can do is to put your head down, look afraid and avoid eye contact. The criminal will continue to follow you if he thinks you are an easy victim.

4. Carry self-defense tools. Whether it’s a gun, pepper spray or a tactical pen. One benefit of both pepper spray and the tactical pen is that you can run with them in your hand, so you won’t waste time accessing them. I know several women who run with their tactical pens, and it gives them a huge boost of confidence.

5. Be brutal. If you are attacked, you have to be ruthless. Gouge your attacker’s eyes, kick them in the groin and punch their throat. If you don’t fight with everything you’ve got, you might not make it out alive.

6. Change it up. If you see someone suspicious and think they’re watching you, you should vary your route. That person might see you run by the same lake at the same time each day, and they could be planning to abduct you. At the first sign that something doesn’t look or feel right on your usual route, try a different one.

7. Stay in relatively public places. Don’t go jogging in the woods alone or run down a gravel road that only gets one car a day.

While exercising is important, it’s also crucial to remain aware of your surroundings so you can stay safe. Following this simple advice will help minimize potential dangers and ensure you return home to your loved ones.

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