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Black Bag Confidential


Speargun for survival?

Cameron K. is a spear fisherman. One day, he was underwater fishing with a friend off the coast of Florida. The two men were diving in 180 feet of water, taking turns, and diving one person at a time. They were anchored to a boat, but each time the dove they were getting swept away. …


Pistol erupts in cop’s hand during training

It’s estimated that about 65% of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. equip officers with Glock pistols. But the Winter Haven police department dumped nearly $40,000 worth of Glock pistols after two incidents. The department initially gave officers the .45-caliber Glock Model 37. But soon after getting the new guns, two of the ninety pistols …


CIA’s recruiting spies on social media?

There are about five billion social media users in the world (about 60% of the world’s population). And Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world with over three billion users. Since social media is popular around the world, the CIA uses it to recruit people who are willing to spy. Recently, …