Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer and security specialist. He’s appeared on numerous television shows, including ABC’s Shark Tank and NBC’s Today show.

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Neighborly Advice

In this week’s mailbag we will discuss concealed carry permits, new tracking technology, monitoring your neighbors questionable activity, developing hand strength, defense weapons and more. Let’s dive in! They are talking about putting computer chips in people so that they can track the location of everyone at all times. Ostensibly it is to protect pedestrians. …


Top Back Up Heating Options

One winter, James Glanton and his girlfriend, Christina McIntee, along with four children, decided to go for a drive in their 2006 Jeep into the mountains of northwestern Nevada. While traveling on a backcountry road, their Jeep overturned and slid down an embankment landing on its roof. Luckily, everyone was safe from the accident but …


AR Building

In this week’s mailbag we will discuss EMP’s, AR-15 building, how to defend yourself in a parking garage, escape and evasion and more. Let’s dive in! Is there a way to protect a pacemaker from EMP? – William H Answer: A lot of folks want to know exactly what sort of electronic devices would be …


Criminal Mindset

In this week’s Must-Read articles will introduce communication plans, the strength of digital forensics, why it’s important to think like a criminal, the newest tactical handgun, and some additional tips on how to protect your home. Let’s dive in… Do You Have a Family Communications Plan? When you go out of town, often you may …


Handgun Topics

In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss a variety of handgun topics such as where to find them for purchase, along with which caliber I recommend, how to handle when the gun jams, window protection and much, much more. Let’s dive in…   Where can these handguns you recommend be bought? – Linda F Answer: You can …


Whiteout Conditions

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will discover how to maneuver your vehicle in a snow storm, be introduced to a non-lethal self-defense option, learn about a new smartphone feature, how and why to have an emergency fund, and see what you need to know about intelligence analysis. Let’s dive in… How to Maneuver a …

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