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Shooting Range Must-Knows

In this week’s Must-Read articles learn… How to pick and choose AR-15 magazines… If the zombie deer disease is killing humans… How to properly secure your entryways… How a database in California is storing innocent peoples dna… And the rules, etiquette and gear you need for the shooting range. Let’s dive in! How to Pick …


Safety or No Safety

Have you ever wondered whether it’s a good or bad idea to have a safety on your handgun? Many people think it’s more unsafe to have a handgun without a manual, external safety. Like a Glock 19, Sig 320, etc. Is that really true? Or is it possible that having a manual safety is not …


6 Things to Check When Buying a Used Gun

In this week’s Must-Read articles, you’ll see… Food expiration dates and the truth you need to know… Six things to check when buying a used firearm… 3D printed tires and shoes that self-repair… Why to keep track of your screen time… The decision of choosing between multiple handguns or one that does everything. Let’s dive …


Top 3 Handguns for SD, CC and HD

I recently got a question through the blog: “COULD YOU NAME THE TOP 3 HAND GUNS YOU WOULD RECOMMEND?” And here is my answer… The Top 3 Handguns I Recommend: In order of preference, from best to worst option … #1: Glock 19 #2: M&P 9 #3: Everything Else … Number 3, aka everything else, …


Hotel Security

In this week’s mailbag… I’ll give you my combination lock suggestions… An insight into how far some have traveled with their tactical pens… When and how you can get a suppressor for your gun… How to secure an apartment… What to know about hotel safes… And learn how to build an AR. Let’s dive in… …