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How to avoid a deadly bus crash

Millions of people visit Utah’s five national parks every year. Last year, about 87,000 people from China visited Utah, making them the fastest-growing group of Utah tourists, according to state data. More than half of visitors from China travel on tour buses, based off information from the Utah Office of Tourism. Recently, four Chinese tourists …


Lock Picking Done Right

In this week’s mailbag we cover… What to consider when deciding to work with the Chinese… How Amber Guyger entered the apartment… How to keep you storage water fresh… My recommendation on password creations… Whether or not a fireproof gun safe with work as a Faraday Cage… The damage done by lock picking… And more! …


What To Do About Unusual Account Activity?

It’s no surprise for consumers to receive notices of “unusual account activity” these days. Obviously, service providers are making account security a top priority so they regularly send out these types of letters after learning of a data breach that affected their customer base. Donald G. recently received an e-mail from his cell phone provider …


3 Inexpensive Motion Detectors for Your Home

Police in Illinois recently caught a burglar “in the act” at a construction site after motion sensors alerted the contractors to suspicious activity. As the suspect forced entry into the construction site, using a crowbar to break a bracket, motion sensors begin picking up his movement. Phoenix Corporation, who was the contractor for the construction …


Surviving in a Repressive Foreign Country

In December 2007, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez suffered his first defeat at the election polls. Although he was popular among the working class that had jolted him to power, voters rejected a referendum that would have enabled him to run for re-election repeatedly. After his defeat, Chávez turned to a close confidant for advice, Fidel …