Steal This $2.50 “Secret Message” Trick

Your wife, your children, everything that matters to you, is less than two football fields away…


When there’s a catastrophic event that triggers panic in your area, your first goal is to rally your family to together and use your urban escape & evasion skills to avoid such threats as…


Desperate neighbors

Even agencies that may see you as a threat (gun registry?)

If your family is at home and your area becomes unsafe, you (of course) don’t want them to stay in place.

At the same time, if you go home to get them and find an empty house, you don’t want to have to guess at where you can meet up to bugout together, right?

With the potential for phone lines being down, you need to have a back-up system in place to send messages between family members so you’re all headed in the same direction.

They could leave a note for you at home telling you where they’ve gone.. but, that’s as good as screaming it to every predator in the neighborhood.

Well, here’s a sneaky way to solve the problem…

Make sure everyone in your network has a UV pen (invisible ink; about $1.50) and a mini UV light (about $1).

This is like the “invisible ink” pens we used to use as kids, only these days, they’re even in different colors and the ink will show up under any mini ultraviolet light.

Some ways you may use them are…

Leave an “invisible” message on the refrigerator of which checkpoint you’re at and/or a location of a cache you hid in the home

On maps, use a visible highlighter to show the WRONG location of routes and destinations to throw authorities looking at your map off track… but use a UV marker for routes to your correct destinations for you to follow.

Identify equipment caches on a topographical map in ink… but have correct ones in UV ink to keep them secret.

Simple methods like these are what we call OPSEC — “operational security”.

They are the small touches that can save your life and protect your family from unknown dangers… and from people who are willing to hurt you to get what they need.

P.S. – Even when leaving messages, be sure to write in code so even if someone else sees it, they won’t know the meaning.

Learn how to properly use codes to protect your family in my urban escape & evasion course.

It’s an advanced skill that you really must have in order to safeguard your whereabouts from those threats you’re trying to keep off your trail.

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