Search and Rescue

In this week’s Must-Read articles…

Learn the importance of personal property inventory…

Understand the value of a root cellar and how to use one…

How to build better self-defense into your home security…

Find out just how to secure your vehicle for ultimate safety…

See how and what tracking techniques can be used for search and rescue.

Let’s dive in…

The Importance of a Personal Property Inventory

The loss of personal items whether by fire, or a robbery can be a devastation. But if you don’t know what you have of value, it cannot be found or replaced. Find out what exactly personal property inventory is and why you need it. Read more here.

Root Cellar Food Storage: How to Use Nature’s Refrigerator

A root cellar can be your best friend when things go awry. Here you can learn all about them including how they can be used and what you should store, making you one step closer to ultimate preparedness. Read more here.

Building Better Self-Defense into Your Home Security

The topic of home security cannot be touched on enough. It is your first line of defense to any intruder that may come your way. Find out what options and techniques you can use in and outside of the home. Read more here.

Securing Your Vehicle: Mindful Defense

Vehicle security is not be taken lightly; in fact, it is the location of a great number of crimes. This means more than locking your doors or hiding a valuable. Find out exactly what to do to secure your vehicle. Read more here.

Tracking Techniques Useful for Search and Rescue

Tracking is not just for hunting. These skills can be used in a worst-case scenario of a missing loved one. Learn some knowledgeable and incredibly helpful ways to learn these techniques to hopefully save someone you know. Read more here.

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