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In this week’s mailbag you will learn…

What you need to know about knife sharpening…

My picks for the most effective pocket-carry gun…

Where to buy parts to build your own gun…

How to care for your water storage…

The reality of Chinese spying…

And more!

Let’s dive in…

One question I have is about sharpening. I have had the ceramic sharpening sticks and when I sharpened a knife, I ended up dulling the point. I am not sure how to rectify that…

– Martha R

Answer: It’s all in making sure you are doing it at the correct angle. If you own the NOC Knife, it comes with the sharpening video to show you exactly how to do it.

Regarding the knife with the dull point, if you don’t have the video, the quickest and easiest thing would be to take it to a bladesmith who can properly sharpen it without doing any damage.

A local gun store or knife store should be able to point you in the right direction of someone who can fix it.

What weapon do you suggest to be the most effective pocket-carry gun?

– William S

Answer: I love pocket guns. Right now, I am carrying the Sig P365 which is 9mm. The Sig P238 is another great pocket gun and it’s in .380. The Ruger LCP is also a solid pocket gun in .380. I would go to your local shooting range and see if you can rent them and test them out to see which one you like best.

Where do I buy parts to build my own gun?

– Joe T

Answer: When I buy parts for my guns, I purchase them from a store here in Southern Utah called Dixie Gun Worx. The reason I like these guys is that they specialize in building custom firearms.

In other words, if you ever need parts that are difficult to find, or have a unique question when building a gun, these guys can most likely help you out and they ship all over the U.S. Also, check out Palmetto State Armory. They have a lot of affordable gun parts.

What do you mix bleach with for water storage? Your articles are interesting! 

– James S

Answer: When refilling a water storage container, I mix one teaspoon of bleach with water in the container and shake it around to disinfect the container.

Next, I would dump out the mixed solution and let the container dry before filling it with new water for storage. Of course, try to store the water in a cool and dry place, which will reduce the chance of bacteria or other things growing in the water.

I used to carry a baseball bat in my car. My spouse (lawyer) told me I’d better have a mitt and a ball in there too, so I did!

– M.J

Answer: I like it. This is a great recommendation. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use the bat in a deadly force situation.

I wonder, is our government going to take all the legitimate action necessary to combat Chinese spying in this country, technology theft also.

– Rodney T

Answer: In 2018, Chinese intellectual property theft cost the U.S. at least $225 billion alone. Sadly, our government will never be able to stop it because China has so many front companies that do illegal activities, there is just no way to fully combat it. It’s something we will be dealing with until the end of time and it will be a constant cat and mouse game.

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