Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader,

I can’t stress enough the importance of being prepared. Even if terrorism subsides, cyberattacks cease and the economy rallies to new heights, there’s still the unpredictability of natural disasters.

To that end, this week’s articles are all about prepping — why it’s more crucial than ever, where to start and how to do it without spending a dime.

Take a gander and let me know if you have any other questions about prepping. Simply send an email to spy@lfb.org. After all, the more you know, the easier it will be to handle any survival situation.

1. Get Ready for Another Year of Global Tumult

Pundits on both sides of the aisle are projecting big things for 2017. At the end of the day, no one knows what’s in store, but whatever happens, it pays to plan for the worst. The fact is you don’t want to be found lacking basic necessities when the system starts to crumble. By then, it will be too late to amass the essentials you’ll need to survive.

That’s why it’s called prepping.

You need to take action before the stuff hits the fan because you never know what the final straw will be. And once things start to go downhill, it’s a steep and slippery slope.

Start collecting food and water if you haven’t already. Put together your bug-out bag and be sure to have an emergency plan in place. It’s better to have these things and not need them than to need them and be forced to scramble at the last minute.

2. Breaking Down Martial Law: What It Is and How It’s Abused

You said civil unrest and the implementation of martial law is one of the top four concerns that keep you awake at night. This article by Thomas Xavier over at More Than Just Surviving is a great primer to understanding martial law for the average American.

It’s a terrifying possibility — one I certainly hope never comes to pass.

If it does, it’s another good reason to stock food, water, guns and ammunition. I make a point of mentioning guns and ammunition here because as Xavier points out, “The government has the tools (theoretically, constitutionally it’s questionable) to use the suspension clause and seize firearms from law-abiding citizens…all they have do to is say that they feel there’s a need for martial law.”

Which is why, in addition to stockpiling supplies, it’s important to be educated and know your rights should the government ever decide to declare martial law — whether for better or for worse.

3. Could This Be the End of Taxes?

Either you think taxes are a necessary evil or they should be abolished completely. Whichever camp you fall into, I bet you wish you could pay less. Well, how about next to nothing?

That’s right, your tax bill could be dramatically reduced with this little-known loophole.

So before you file your taxes this year, check out the article above. After all, if Donald Trump gets away without paying any taxes, why can’t you?

4. 10 Ways to Prep for Survival Without Spending Money

With all this talk about prepping, I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t cheap. But it doesn’t have to break the bank, either. This article runs down 10 ways to start getting ready for the unknown that won’t cost you a penny.

From skills you can learn on your own to ways you can repurpose household items, these are easy steps you can take to get a leg up on the vulnerable masses — even if you don’t have the funds to sink into major preparations.

There’s no excuse for not being prepared. Prepping really is an all-inclusive enterprise — you just have to start from where you are. So what are you waiting for?

5. Prepping Your Soil

If you’re a seasoned gardener, you already know the importance of quality soil. But if you’re just starting to cultivate your green thumb, this article gives some good advice to ensure you get a good harvest from your efforts.

January is a good time to test your soil, since it takes anywhere from six–12 months for any lime you add to affect the pH.

See? Even in the winter months, there is still plenty of prepping work you can do.

Even if you don’t need the food to survive, gardening is a valuable skill to hone. You never know when your situation may change, and tending a successful garden can take several seasons to perfect.

All right, I’m stepping off my soapbox. But the bottom line is you should start prepping now, because the old adage is true — it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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