Lovesick man steals camel for his beloved

For people in the United Arab Emirates, camels are loyal companions and useful animals that can be used for traveling in the desert.

In addition, camels are popular because of their nourishing milk and its health benefits.

These days, camels are a symbol of the United Arab Emirates heritage.

And for one man in the UAE, a camel was worth going to jail over.

According to UAE police, a man was arrested after stealing a highly valuable baby camel that he intended to give his girlfriend as a birthday gift.

Rare breed camels can sell for millions in the UAE, so this was no little crime.

The owners of the baby camel reported the animal had been stolen from their farm.

Several days later, a man called police to report he had found a stray baby camel.

The man who reported the stray lived about two miles away from the farm the camel was stolen from.

While being questioned, the man who found the camel admitted he had stolen the camel from his neighbor.

He told police that he stole the rare breed camel to give it to his girlfriend as a gift.

At first, the man tried to steal an adult camel.

But he was unable to wrangle one, so he decided to steal the baby camel instead.

A few days later, the man got scared that he would be caught. So, he called the police and reported the baby camel as a stray.

Police returned the camel to the rightful owners.

The man who stole it was arrested for theft and making a false statement.

Now, I admit I’m not the best gift giver. It can be hard to figure out what someone might want.

But, with the holiday season fast approaching, there will be people who want to give and get gifts, especially firearms.

So, if you have ever thought about giving someone a gun as a gift, or asking someone else to get you a gun as a gift, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Gift card:

To avoid any headaches, the best thing to do is give them a gift card.

For example, you could go to a gun shop and ask them how much a specific firearm costs.

Ask them to add up all the taxes, fees, etc. Then, buy a gift card for the store with the exact amount.

That way you are getting a gift card that will cover the full expense of the gun.

But the person can go into the store and buy the gun themselves and fill out all the paperwork.

Some people don’t like gift cards, but it’s an easy way to pay all the costs without the headache.

Can the person own a gun?:

Let’s say you want to give someone an old family heirloom gun. It’s been passed down through the generations, and you want to continue the tradition.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether the person can legally own a gun. (Are they a convicted felon?)

It’s a crime to give someone a gun if you know they can’t legally own one.

Also, you have to take into consideration the person’s age.

For instance, in many places, it’s illegal for a person under the age of 18 to own certain firearms.

However, the types of guns and age requirements vary from state to state. So, be sure to check this before gifting a gun to a younger person.

Where do they live?:

The next question to ask yourself is where the person lives.

You can give someone a pistol who lives in your same state.

However, some states such as California require people to transfer firearms through an FFL dealer even if they live in the same state.

This is required whether you are gifting a new gun or one that you have owned for decades.

My point is, you need to check your state laws.

If the person lives in another state, you will need to ship the firearm to a licensed dealer in their state to complete the transaction.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when gifting a firearm.

At the very least, I would reach out to a gun shop or an attorney to make sure you are following the laws in your state.

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