Never do this during a home invasion

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

The decontamination and sterilization of water…

Load carriage options for your EDC and bugging out…

Why you need a backup carry gun and how to do it the right way…

5 things you should never do during a home invasion…

And 20 survival skills you can learn while you are stuck at home.

Let’s dive in…

Decontamination and Sterilization of Water

As this article states, we often take water for granted. When disaster strikes, pollution spikes or a collapse limits us, access to sterile water could become more scarce. Understanding how to locate water and decontaminate it could save your life. Read more here.

Load Carriage Options for EDC and Bugging Out

In this article, the author discusses the alternative of switching from a typical bug out bag to a more load bearing one. Take a look as he breaks down the different options and their pros and cons to consider. Read more here.

Why You Need a Backup Carry Gun and How to Do it the Right Way

There is much to consider when carrying a backup gun. Check out this guide that covers concealment, training, gun options and more you need to know. Read more here.

5 Things You Should Never Do During a Home Invasion

Oftentimes, you will come across articles that train and guide you on how to physically handle a home invasion. This one however, takes a different approach to help you mentally prepare in case it happens to you as well as what you must not do. Read more here.

20 Survival Skills You Can Learn While Stuck at Home

For the many people closed in at home, you have access to training videos for improving skills now more than ever. Don’t think you have to just sit back and watch, instead check out these 20 skills you can actually put to practice from your own home. Read more here.

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