Hollywood Myth vs Reality

In this week’s Must-Read articles we’ll dive into what you need to know to turn an old cellphone into a survival tool as well as which holster is right for not only your firearm but also your clothing.

We will also take a look at which documents are most important to have and how you can keep them secure, along with how to superglue a cut when in a pinch. And lastly, we will explore which of Hollywood’s famous survival scenes could actually work in real life.

Let’s dive in…

Using a Broken Cellphone for Survival

Believe it or not, that old, busted cellphone you have in the drawer could actually be your best friend in a bad situation. See seven ways a cellphone can easily be turned into a survival tool. Read more here.

Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm Sparks Questions About Holster Options

One of the most important factors in concealed carry is not only having a holster, but a holster that works with the clothing you are wearing. Find out how to avoid an accidental discharge with these types of holsters. Read more here.

Important Documents and How to Secure Them

How secure are your most important documents? Do you have them all located in one place? In the event of an emergency, do you have access to all the documents you will need? These are valuable answers to have and here are some tips to help. Read more here.

How to Superglue a Cut

While superglue should not be a method used to avoid actual necessary medical treatment, there is always a chance you could find yourself in a bind and knowing how to use this properly could save your life. Read more here. 

Real or Fake? The Truth About 10 Hollywood Survival Scenes

These survival scenes may make for great entertainment, but not always true reality. Check out the breakdown of these 10 Hollywood moments, which got it right, and which were movie magic. Read more here.

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