Why I use a PO Box for everything

In this week’s mailbag you will see…

My take on the Ruger Model 3818…

The difference between tear gas and pepper spray…

A secure internet search engine you can use…

The common misperception on FFL’s…

Which caliber Sig Sauer I use…

And how I use a PO Box for everything.

Let’s dive in…

What do you think of the Ruger Model 3818, 9mm?

-Gary M

Answer: This is a newer gun by Ruger that is a compact 9mm. It’s a double-stack, mid-sized pistol that very much resembles the size of the Glock 19. It operates with an internal hammer and seems like a larger version of the Ruger LCP II.

From what I’ve heard, (I do not own it) this is a reliable handgun choice and it’s nearly half the price of a Glock 19. If you were looking for a compact 9mm, I would consider this and would try this out at your local gun range first, before buying it.

The question I have is about tear gas, or CS gas. The gas is illegal to use in warfare, but is legal for police to use on civilians and immigrants for crowd control and forced compliance. I wanted to know, is tear gas legal for civilians to use? If you could provide any answer, that would be great.

– Ethan O

Answer: The Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993, signed by almost every country in the world, banned the use of tear gas in war, but allowed the practice for domestic law enforcement. With that being said, tear gas is not legal for civilians to use.

The thing is, tear gas and pepper spray are oftentimes confused with each other. However, tear gas is classified as a chemical weapon, where pepper spray is manufactured from man made ingredients, meaning it’s not made from chemicals and is legal for civilians to carry in most states.

Love your information. Did you post about using a more secure internet search engine than Google? If so, what was that?

-Glenda S

Answer: First, anytime you surf the web, I recommend using a virtual private network (VPN). This will allow you to browse the internet anonymously.

Also, Tor has is a leader in the tech world for keeping information private. Tor uses a platform similar to Firefox. It is free and open source for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux/Unix and Android. As far as an Internet search engine, check out Duck Duck Go.

I had an FFL and when they passed the Brady bill there was a section where you had to have your business in a commercial space and had to have so many feet of counter space etc. Did the law change?

– Kevin M

Answer: There is a common misperception that to operate an FFL you need a retail or office location but this isn’t correct. You can 100% legally operate as an FFL dealer from your home. The catch is that the ATF typically doesn’t approve FFL’s that will only be for personal use.

In other words, during the application process, you have to disclose that you will be using it to actually run a business and not just for personal use. (I have helped a significant number of people get their home-based FFL right here.)

What caliber is your Sig Sauer and what ammo do you use?

– Jeremy

Answer: My Sig Sauer is a 9mm and the ammo I carry is Speer Gold Dot. This ammo is popular with law enforcement and is loaded with true, bonded-core bullets. This virtually eliminates core-jacket separation, which can cause handgun bullet failures.

I recall reading something about getting a UPS PO Box. I want to read it again, but I cannot find it. How do I keep my home address private?

– Kim

Answer: One of the most important things you can do to keep your information private is setting up a P.O. Box at a UPS Store. Now, the reason you want to do this at the UPS Store is because it’s not an actual P.O. Box, but is a physical address.

This allows you to register your cars at the address and have your driver’s license with that address too. This is where you should have ALL mail sent including packages. Even if you order things from Amazon, you should have everything sent to your UPS Store address. I personally have nothing delivered to my house, not even a pizza.

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