In this week’s Must-Read articles learn how to take a punch with the least impact, how security film can make a big difference on your home security and how to actually make a call when you have no cell service.

You can also read on the benefits of hand crank flashlights and why you should consider getting one.

And lastly, clean up your shooting skills by working on a few common areas effecting your accuracy.

Let’s dive in…

How to Take a Punch to Minimize Damage

Fighting back against any attack with your bare hands can be both scary as well as painful. But as important as it is to know where to punch to make the most impact, it is just as valuable to know where and how to take a punch yourself. Learn how now. Read more here.

The Best Window Security Film and Why it Matters

See just how security film on your windows can give you more time to react to an intruder, what it defends against and how it can save your life. Read more here.

How to make a call on your cellphone without cell service

We’ve all been there, you are in desperate need for cell service and can’t get a call through. Believe it or not, there is a way around this to truly help you in an emergency. Read more here.

7 Best Hand Crank Flashlights for Emergency Use

What are hand crank flashlights and why do you need one? Well, this article will highlight just when and how these tools could get you out of a pinch…not just out of the dark. Read more here.

What’s Your Trigger Finger Doing?

 If you are trying to improve your aim or have noticed your accuracy has dwindled as of late, this article will help pinpoint some common issues you should consider to help improve or restore your skills. Read more here.

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