Operative Reveals How Trump Was Spied On

The news is full of commentary and analysis on the Mueller Report.

One of the fundamental and most critical aspects of this unprecedented “investigation” is of the origins of law enforcement and intelligence agencies “spying” on Donald Trump, members of his campaign and family members.

The entire investigation was founded on intelligence collected through the process of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Warrant issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

A Warrant Application that was clearly fraudulent and blatantly treasonous. An application that could only have been presented to the FISC with the illicit support and criminal coordination of America’s top law enforcement departments.

I have conducted several clandestine intelligence gathering (espionage) operations under the authority and direction of FISC issued FISA warrants. And I was spying on U.S. Citizens – legally.

The talking heads on TV (cable and the internet included) have never had their boots on the ground in one of these operations. Neither has 99% of the US Intelligence operatives or DOJ agents.

There are very clear safety measures and procedures in place to prevent exactly what “they” did to candidate and president-elect Donald Trump and his associates and organizations.

I think the most effective way to reveal how bad, evil, corrupt and conspired the government sanctioned spying on Donald Trump was is to explain exactly how it is supposed to work and exactly what safeguards were built into the process to protect and prevent this very crime.

Safeguards designed and demanded upon by both Houses of Congress before they authorized the FISA.

The FISA process has one and only one purpose; the FISC issues a FISA Warrant for legal espionage efforts against a U.S. person or persons after a preponderance of evidence has been developed by federal law enforcement officers during the course of a criminal investigation that the named American Citizen is a witting or unwitting agent of a foreign power engaged at some level of espionage against America.

The laws of our nation prohibit spies like me from spying on any American in the US – for virtually any reason.

The only exception is if during the course of an approved and proper investigation by a federal law enforcement agency (all of mine were FBI initiated) it is discovered that an American Citizen is conducting espionage, aiding, or enabling the espionage activities of a foreign power.

As you know, the FBI has an incredible array of powers and tools to legally investigate suspected criminal activities.

However, in the course of their investigations, Agents have to follow stringent rules that are in place to protect our rights, especially the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments.

Federal law enforcement agents must develop cases based on evidence and then preserve the chain of evidence. Their powers of investigation and invasion are properly limited while allowing them to build and present a case for public trial.

Spies have no such restrictions. We can use all of our expertise, training, resources, technology and every source and method in our repertoire without being concerned about following the rules of evidence collection.

Why? Because our mission is not to build a legal case in a criminal investigation to submit to a prosecutor who will then present the case to a judge.

Our mission is to ruthlessly and aggressively protect our American national security through spying on our adversaries and preventing them from spying on us. None of what we do ever gets into a court – all of our sources and methods are deemed and will remain classified.

Before a FISA warrant is issued to any intelligence operative, the DOJ has to submit verified, corroborated and authenticated evidence to the FISC.

And the application for that warrant has to unquestionably describe the activities of an American citizen here in the US engaged in an act of espionage against the US.

Then, the secret panel of judges (their identities are concealed to protect them from threats, blackmail, bribery and even hostile espionage) reviews the submitted application for the Warrant.

Their role is to protect the civil liberties and ensure due process of any American listed on the application. By the nature of separation of powers, the judges of the FISC must rely on the veracity of the information contained in the application for FISA Warrant submitted to them by the DOJ.

Once satisfied that the DOJ, through proper legal criminal investigative procedures, has produced sufficient evidence that an American is involved in spying on America, they issue the FISA warrant to the Intelligence Community.

It is then incumbent on the specially trained operatives of America’s international espionage network to engage in a no-holds-barred domestic espionage operation.

So, has this legal and authorized procedure been adhered to since its inception in 1978 under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act?

Nope. In 2002, the court revealed that the FBI Director (Freeh) and the AG/DOJ had “supplied erroneous information to the court” in more than 75 applications for search warrants and wiretaps.

Then in 2011, the Obama administration reversed restrictions on the National Security Agency (NSA) permitting the agency to search deliberately for Americans’ communications.

This became possible due to a new provision, section 702, being included in the 2008 legislation on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. An Act passed during the Obama Administration and the 110th US Congress.

And without Congressional approval, the Obama Administration no longer required a warrant for each individual target.

That change meant that the NSA could listen and record any communications of a U.S. Citizen without a court first determining that there is probable cause that the people they were talking to were terrorists, spies or “foreign powers”.

Please note, this Executive Branch change to the FISA procedures and limits was accomplished by the Obama Administration without public debate or any specific authority from Congress.

The purpose of the Warrant is to transfer the actionable intelligence out of law enforcement and over to the Intelligence Community.

Understand, the FBI has fully trained and qualified counter-intelligence agents who can develop a case and arrest criminals engaged in espionage.

But they are limited to legal and authorized methods to procure and collect evidence. Spies have no such limitations or restrictions.

Understanding this process helps you understand that the FBI needed the services of the American intelligence agencies in order to “uncover” the proprietary activities of Donald Trump, his family, associates and campaign for U.S. President.

The FBI simply does not have the expertise or resources to conduct full blown espionage.

So, they brought on members of the intelligence community to conspire with them to circumvent the law and founding principles of the Constitution and the rights it guarantees to its sovereign citizens.

That’s the background. And here is what happened to our President.

Beginning no later than 2015 and I suspect as early as 2013, the party in control of the White House leveraged its powers over the CIA, NSA, DNI, DHS, DOJ and especially the FBI Director and the senior leadership of the FBI to develop a falsified FISA application.

The White House instructed the various players to coordinate with the Hillary Clinton campaign and enlist the aid of its politically/monetarily motivated allies at CNN, MSNBC, etc. to cast an international plume portraying the evidentially proven tale of a U.S. Presidential candidate who was conspiring with Russia to bring America to its knees.

The FBI, DOJ, CNN, CIA, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, NSA, DNI, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, and Congressional Democrats, all colluded and repeated the same false story until the claims appeared to have veracity.

Meanwhile, the FBI/DOJ used the “wide-spread” knowledge of this Russia collusion to trick the FISC into issuing a FISA Warrant.

How much domestic espionage did the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other secret government intelligence gathering organizations (including many that you have never heard of; Q Group, SCS, F9, etc.) conduct against Trump and his efforts to win the White House?

I do not know for sure. But what I do know is that this is the most massive, treasonous criminal coupe attempt in America’s history.

In the past, we have seen many abuses of the police and intelligence gathering powers of the federal government, but to my knowledge this is the first orchestrated effort to include the illicit collusion of all of the highest law enforcement and espionage agencies in the executive branch.

We have also seen plenty of openly biased news and media outlets, but this is the first time that they have openly worked with contemptuous top level authorities, including cabinet appointees in the federal government in order to affect/alter an election, challenge the efficacy of an election and then attempt a conspired coupe to overthrow and replace a duly elected president.

Was there a conspiracy to collude with Russia for the purposes of overthrowing the U.S. Government and instituting socialism (Liberalism) in America? Hell yes! And the Democrats almost got away with it.


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