Why a North Korean missile test could spark nuclear war

Recently, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile to test its latest military advancements.

The missile was fired from North Korea’s capital and landed in the ocean about 600 miles away.

North Korea has been working to develop missiles that work on solid fuel, instead of liquid fuel.

That’s because a solid-fuel missile is easier to move and launch.

More concerning to the U.S. is that North Korea claims to have developed a nuclear warhead it can mount on missiles.

Thus, the actions by North Korea have caused the U.S. to highlight its commitment to defending nearby allies.

For example, the U.S. and South Korea are expanding joint military exercises.

The U.S. has also sent aircraft carriers, strategic bombers, and nuclear submarines to visit South Korea.

North Korea often issues warnings to justify its military ambitions as the country faces international sanctions.

But there is no doubt that North Korea is expanding its capabilities.

Earlier this year, the country showed off its first submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles.

The country also put its first reconnaissance satellite into orbit.

The most recent missile launch by North Korea shows that the country is progressing in technology.

By using solid-fuel missiles they are moving dangerously close to being able to launch a successful nuclear missile.

And here are a few reasons why their latest missile launch might be more concerning compared to previous attempts.

Help from Russia:

Frankly, North Korea is not capable of expanding its military technologies unless they have help.

In the latest missile tests, that help came from Russia.

North Korea has supported Russia in the invasion of Ukraine, even sending munitions and supplies to Russia.

In one of North Korea’s previous launches the missile landed in the sea and was analyzed by an intelligence agency.

According to the information, the missile had telltale signs of Russian components.

So, it’s safe to assume that Russia would come to North Korea’s defense in the event of a conflict with the U.S.

North Korean Subs:

The U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups are in a league of their own.

But as powerful as these strike groups are, some experts argue that future wars will be fought underwater by submarines.

This is why it’s noteworthy that North Korea launched its first submarine capable of firing nuclear missiles.

The one catch is that the North Korean sub is a Soviet-era sub with limitations.

But North Korea is obviously preparing for an underwater battle (much like the U.S. is).

Conflict all around:

North Korea will jump at any opportunity to expand or strengthen its ties with other countries, especially ties with enemies of the U.S.

The invasion of Ukraine opened the door for North Korea and Russia to work together.

North Korean ammo factories are working around the clock to supply ammo for Russia.

There have also been reports that Hamas has used North Korean weapons against Israel.

As different regions experience conflict North Korea will look for any way possible to get involved if it benefits their country.

Sadly, today the real threat of nuclear war is getting too serious.

Experts openly debate whether Putin will use suitcase nukes in Ukraine.

And there’s no telling what Kim Jong Un (the dictator of North Korea) would do with portable nukes.

Sprinkle in the terrorists from every corner of the globe streaming across our open borders…

Iran’s proxies attacking U.S. interests worldwide…

And you have a recipe for a legitimate nuclear strike on U.S. soil.

That’s why I’m preparing myself, my family, and my loved ones for this eventuality.

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