Carjacker survives gunshot to head

Michelle S. lives in Dallas, Texas.

One evening, she drove to a Dallas gas station with her two kids in the back seat.

While she was getting gas, a man slipped into the driver’s seat of her SUV.

Michelle jumped back into the SUV, yelling at the man to stop.

When he didn’t stop, she pulled out a gun from the glove box.

As the man continued to drive off, Michelle shot him once in the head.

The SUV traveled a few feet before it hit a telephone pole and stopped at the side of the road.

The carjacker was transported to a Dallas hospital and was expected to survive his injuries.

The man was charged with two counts of unlawful restraint and one count of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Michelle said, “He could have got a gun and shot me and my kids. I don’t know what to think. I was just reacting fast, worried about my kids. I didn’t worry about my car — that’s replaceable.”

Thankfully, neither Michelle nor her kids were injured in the incident.

Michelle added, “I would do what I need to do to protect them by any means necessary.”

This is a situation that could have turned out much worse if Michelle didn’t have a firearm and the confidence and willingness to use it.

When carrying a gun in your vehicle, you might choose to keep it on your hip, your glove box (like Michelle), or perhaps a go-bag or purse.

Lately, more people seem to be exploring the option of installing a vehicle holster.

What is a vehicle holster?:

Vehicle holsters are designed to secure a weapon inside a car and come in a variety of attachment methods.

For instance, there are magnets, Velcro straps, and plastic mounts.

These days, one of the more popular ways to holster a gun inside a vehicle is with a magnetic mount.

This keeps the gun easily accessible but secures it from moving around when driving.

Benefits of vehicle holster:

One of the main reasons people use vehicle holsters is for quick access to the gun.

For instance, you can mount the holster under the steering wheel or even to the side of the center console.

You can draw your gun faster from a vehicle holster than drawing a gun from your pocket.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about comfort.

You see, some people spend hours in the car.

A gun can dig into your hip or leg when seated in a car, which would get annoying and painful after driving for hours.

Lastly, when getting in and out of your vehicle constantly it can cause the firearm to rub up against the center console or other parts of the vehicle.

So, if you remove the gun from your hip and put it in a vehicle holster it could reduce wear on the gun.

Drawbacks to vehicle holster:

The biggest drawback to a vehicle holster is security.

If you choose to use a vehicle holster you need to make sure the weapon is secured somehow.

Also, keep in mind whether the holster can be seen from the outside.

If someone is prowling around your car, they might see the gun. At the very least they could see the holster and know you have a gun.

So, install the holster where it can’t be seen.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure the weapon is securely held in place.

In the event of a car accident, the last thing you want is for the gun to go flying around.

A vehicle holster can be a worthwhile addition depending on how you set it up.

The key is to make sure the gun is secure and not easily seen by others.

Consider brands like Alien Gear and Stinger Holsters.

Another “must have” if you’re carrying your firearm in your vehicle is the confidence and ability to gunfight from inside your car.

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