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Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader,

In the world of espionage, a “dead drop” is a secret location where materials or information can be left by one party for another to retrieve. This removes the need for a face-to-face meeting, thereby maintaining operational security.

Allow me to welcome you to Black Bag Confidential’s Weekly Drop.

You see, whether the feedback is positive or negative, I always appreciate hearing from subscribers.

It means you’re paying attention and thinking about the information you’re reading.

I also enjoy fostering a dialogue with my readers. There’s no better way to share the skills and the knowledge I’ve gained from my years of experience in the intelligence field.

So each week, I’ll tackle your most pressing questions — the things that keep you up at night worrying about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Then I’ll “drop” the alert in your inbox every Saturday.

Read it at your leisure. And as always, if you have any questions of your own, send me an email at

Now let’s dive in…

Hey Jason,

The question I have is what can I do to prepare for when the power goes out? I ask this because I use a CPAP machine at night. I doubt that I am the only one with this concern. 

— Wayne R.

Great question, Wayne. There are a few things you can do.

One is to get a portable generator. I highly recommend a propane generator, because you can easily store propane, and you don’t have to worry about it going bad like gasoline.

Another option is to have a spare car battery with a power inverter. You simply connect the power inverter to the battery, and then you can plug in items to the inverter. Bestek is a great company that makes inverters. You can find them on Amazon, here.


I really enjoy your information. I have large windows from floor to ceiling, and lots of them. I even have six doors that are mostly glass. How am I to keep someone from entering my home? 

— Charlotte S.

Your best option is to put security film on the windows. Window security film will prevent someone from smashing in a window and entering your house. If you don’t want to spend the money on security film, then get a good guard dog. When faced with a protective canine, most criminals will quickly lose the desire to break in.

And don’t forget about the other precautions you can take to deter someone from breaking into your home. Installing motion-sensor lights, putting in cameras (even fake ones) and displaying alarm system stickers on your windows and doors will make any robber think twice.

My No. 1 safety concern: How to keep my firearm quickly available for a home invasion (or similar situation) and yet not easily found by thieves that break in when no one is home — or by government authorities enforcing new Second Amendment-destroying regulations. 

— Paul B.

I keep my guns in rapid-access safes — like the ones made by GunVault. You can hide these safes so a thief can’t easily find them, but I keep mine on my nightstand and other readily available places.

I also have an alarm system and cameras, so I’m not worried about criminals getting my guns. If you’re worried about the government getting them, I wouldn’t keep them in your house at all. Rent a storage unit (with cash). That’s where you’ll want to keep your spare guns — although this does mean you won’t have them on hand at all times.

What sling do you recommend for the AR-15? 

— Frank S. 

Well, Frank, I personally use the Wilderness Giles Tactical Sling. But I suggest trying a few on to find one that’s the most comfortable and the best fit for you.

Here’s some feedback I received from Judy K. Crazy things can happen in a courthouse. I’m glad Judy was able to keep her tactical pen and survival keychain for safety. I have also taken my pen and keychain into a courthouse and many other secure government buildings

I just had six days of jury duty. I had cleared any metal objects out of my purse to avoid issues being scanned at the courthouse entrance… The multitool and my knitting needles had to go back to my car, but as they were examining everything else in my bag, another deputy pulled out my tactical pen and said “looks like a tactical pen,” sent it through the scanner and nothing else was mentioned… So tactical pens — and survival keychains — will pass through law enforcement security checks! Just don’t have a multitool or knitting needles. 

— Judy K. 

That’s all the reader mail for this week. Until next time…

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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