Stay in the Fight

In this edition of the Weekly Drop, you’ll discover the best multitool for people on a limited budget, whether plants are a sufficient deterrent to home invasions, alternative home defense weapons if you’ve been stripped of your right to bear arms and how to mentally prepare yourself for a life-or-death situation.


A Spy’s Eye View

Surveillance is a big part of intelligence gathering. Agents spend long days and even longer nights listening, watching and waiting. But what if there were a simpler solution? What if intelligence officers could record information with their eye? Let’s discuss.


Head for Higher Ground

A 50-foot wall of water is headed your way — what do you do? You’ve got an empty Altoids can — what survival items should you put in it? Your home is a fortress — but how do you fortify your yard? Let’s find out.


Out of the Clear Blue Sky

According to The Washington Post, 1.2 million people received drones as gifts this holiday season. Long-range drones, drones with cameras, drones that can carry up to 44 pounds, tracking drones, automatic landing drones… the list of drone capabilities is ever-growing. What happens when these devices make it into the wrong hands? ​