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Extreme Home Protection

Over the last several weeks, these daily articles have focused more on global and digital threats, but it’s important that you never let your home security become an afterthought. Check out the piece below from our friends over at 4Patriots. It runs down seven extreme — yet cost-effective — ways to protect your home.


Dangers You Can’t See

This week’s must-read articles focus on unseen (or difficult to spot) threats — like malware that infects your computer without all the fanfare of an accompanying ransom demand or miniscule mites that carry deadly diseases.


Head for Higher Ground

A 50-foot wall of water is headed your way — what do you do? You’ve got an empty Altoids can — what survival items should you put in it? Your home is a fortress — but how do you fortify your yard? Let’s find out.


The Weekly Drop

Allow me to welcome you to Black Bag Confidential’s Weekly Drop. Each week, I’ll tackle your most pressing questions ­— the things that keep you up at night worrying about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Then I’ll “drop” it in your inbox every Saturday.