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This week’s must-read articles include the many ways paracord can be used, how to treat a gunshot wound before you are able to get to a hospital and creative places you can hide your valuables.

Take in some lessons learned from the Great Depression and finally, check out some helpful tips for buying used handguns.

Let’s dive in…

44 Fantastic Uses of Paracord
Paracord is one of the greatest resources one can have on hand. The many uses of this product seem unending, whether it be to tie your shoes or clean your firearm, it is a tool that should not go underappreciated.

Check out Back Door Survival’s list of 44 great ways you can put paracord to use. You won’t be disappointed.

How to Treat Gunshot Wounds
Becoming a victim of a gunshot wound is possible and could occur in a number of situations, intentional or not. Which is why using proper safety when handling a gun is heavily stressed.

However, that doesn’t mean the worst can’t happen. If you were out in the woods, or without cell service or access to direct help, knowing just how to take care of yourself could mean the difference between life and death.

Check out these great tips on how you can treat a gunshot wound until proper help is available.

Sneaky Places to Hide Valuables
When an intruder breaks into a home, they make sure to grab as many valuables as they can in the shortest time possible to help ensure their escape.

This crime has taken place time and time again. One of the main reasons criminals are able to get in and out so quick is because humans can be predictable. We place our money, valuables, etc. in the most common and easily accessible places and the criminals know that.

Well here is a list of some creative and easy to access places criminals won’t think to look.

5 Lessons We Can Learn from the Great Depression
One of the most beneficial tools we have in life is learning from the past. Those who experienced the Great Depression hold a different mentality than those of us who never knew that level of struggle. They learned to be frugal, how to take advantage of every resource they had, and how to survive in extremely trying conditions, to name a few.

Check out this list of 5 invaluable lessons that could benefit you greatly if our economy took a turn for the worst.

Tips for Buying Used Handguns
Interested in purchasing a handgun? When buying a gun brand new, you may focus more on the grip, the weight, cost, comfort, how it shoots, etc. But what about when purchasing a used handgun?

Whether you have purchased 30 guns or none, it’s important you know what to look for. Pat Cascio from Survival Blog has some great tips to consider next time you are shopping around.

Check it out. And as always…

Stay safe,

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