Close Quarters Gun Fighting

In this week’s mailbag I’ll provide you with information on the Close Quarters Gun Fighting class, CCW requirements, wildfire safety, the benefit of safe blankets and more.

Let’s dive in…

Please provide more info on the Close Quarters Gun Fighting class… Location, timeframe, requirements, etc…

– Lenny O

Answer: The Close Quarters Gun Fighting Class is a force on force class, meaning we will be training with airsoft guns most of the time.

This is as real as it gets without using a real gun. We will be training in several life-like scenarios about how to survive when you’re attacked at “breathing distance.”

This training will take place at our 320-acre Spy Ranch in Cedar City, UT on June 21-22, 2019. If you’d like more details and to sign up, send an email to

I read where some states (Illinois for one) will require a CCW from your home state before applying for a non-resident permit. Is there a way around that?

– Nathan D

Answer: The fact is, many states such as Illinois will require that you have a CCW from your home state in order to obtain a non-resident permit from their state.

In addition to requiring a permit from your home state, each state will have restrictions on who they will issue permits to. For example, Illinois will only issue non-resident permits to people from four states: AR, MS, TX, and VA.

Unfortunately, there is no way around this so you will have to get a permit for your home state.

Thank you so much for your continues guidance and direction.

– Kenneth O

Answer: Thank you for your support and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m truly grateful for the feedback from so many readers.

Please keep it coming and let me know what topics you’d like me to cover in the future.

So, you are saying that if caught in a wildfire, you should stay in a car, with gasoline in the fuel tank? Sitting on a tank of gas in a fire does not seem like a good idea. Please explain.

– Michael B

Answer: If you are caught in a wildfire and can’t escape, then I would definitely stay in your vehicle. Unfortunately, Hollywood makes people think, that if a fire gets near their car it will explode, which is simply untrue.

These days, car gas tanks are heavily insulted and built to withstand accidents. In other words, cars are built much safer than they were in the 1970’s when they were more likely to explode.

Another factor to consider is the overwhelming smoke you would encounter if you exit your car and try to outrun a wildfire, which would be very difficult to do.

Would a “space” blanket be of any value?

– Jeff S

Answer: Space blankets can be a valuable addition to any safety or survival gear. These blankets are waterproof, windproof and incredibly light to carry.

Now, the ones used by firefighters to survive a wildfire are much different than the standard space blanket, since they are designed specially for someone to cover themselves with during an emergency and protect them from heat.

In other words, the $5 space blanket bought online is different from the one that firefighters use. But, I still recommend everyone have a space blanket or two in your bug out bag.

I’ve been an armed guard at a nuclear power plant, a maximum-security prison guard, and a street cop for 20 years… If you still have something to teach me I’d be interested in your class.

– Dan R

Answer: While you’ve certainly received extensive training during your career, I believe there is always something new you can learn by attending more training classes.

In fact, I can assure you that my training classes will provide you with a different perspective on some of your previous training and you will do things that you’ve never done before.

Also, I always put my money where my month is and will refund anyone that doesn’t feel it was worth 10 times what they invested.

The latest newsletter is filled with very informative issues. I have been studying over it since we received it this afternoon in the mail…. I also read your drop-in concerning a class you will be initiating on close quarter gun fighting. My son and I are both very interested in learning more.

– John W

Answer: I’ve received quite a bit of interest in the Close Quarter Gun Fighting class that takes place June 21-22, 2019 in Cedar City, UT. In the first question of today’s mailbag, I laid out a summary of the class.

Also, I can provide all the gear that includes the training gun and face masks needed. But again, shoot me an email with additional questions I can answer for you.


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