Mobil Phone Eavesdropping with Fake Cell Towers?

Who’s listening to your phone calls? Who’s reading your text messages?
If you said, “The NSA” as part of the government spy program, then you don’t know half of the problem we face when it comes to just who is snooping into our private communications.

That’s one of the reasons I prepared this free guide on Big Brother’s Master Plan for the Coming Collapse…

In fact, if you’ve ever watched your cell phone’s coverage bars suddenly dip, switching, from, say, 4G to “E” or something else, it may not just be that you’re getting far from the nearest tower.

It COULD be that your phone signal is being intercepted, and the big question is…

Is the Government Spy Program Setting Up Fake Cell Towers to Eavesdrop on Our Mobile Phone Calls?

In July 2014, investigators using a specially encrypted Android phone discovered no less than SEVENTEEN (17!) fake cell “towers”.

The report was broken by the folks over at “Popular Science” magazine and doesn’t necessarily finger the government spy program as the only possibility.

In fact, some of the initial reports in the media failed to point out that a “cell tower” doesn’t need to be a tower at all.

It could just be a guy with a laptop and some peripheral equipment, who sets up shop on a high floor of a high-rise hotel, where he can snoop on nearby calls to his heart’s content.

If your cell phone is intercepted, the folks who have hijacked its signal with a fake “tower” could read your texts, listen in on your calls, and even send spyware through to your phone… and you might never even know.

But why should you care? I mean, you have nothing to hide, right?

Think again…

According to the FBI and Dept. Of Homeland Security, there is a new breed of “homegrown terrorist” that needs to be watched and intercepted – which is their justification for the government spy program in the first place.

Specifically, they’re concerned about U.S. citizens who…

  • Believe in the 2nd Amendment
  • Are concerned with the direction of government
  • Buy guns and ammunition
  • Store survival food and other supplies
  • Are Christian… military… or “conservative”

And that only scratches the surface of who they are looking at as a potential “enemy of the state”

So, let me ask you…

Do YOU fit any of these “red flags” listed above?

Are YOU worried about all the different entities (hackers, private detectives, NSA, FBI, DHS, or other alphabet agencies of the government spy program) who could be snooping on your calls?

I know *I* am.

To protect yourself from invasive government spying and targeting you need to become a “digital ghost”.

It’s not hard to do and I’ve created a complete step-by-step blueprint that shows you what you need to do NOW…

Our forefathers fought for our freedom.

But it’s up to US to keep that freedom alive and it starts right in your own home.

Open your eyes and take action while you may still have time.

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