Military Grade Paracord

Can you make your book available to us folks who do not live in the US?

– Mark L

Answer: Both of my books can be purchased from major retailers such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble in electronic format as well as paperback. Here are the links for each of the books on Amazon, if you’d like to purchase either one:


How can you know if an older spray is still pressurized?

Griffin A

Answer: The best thing to do is go by the expiration date on the can of pepper spray. Even if you’ve never used the pepper spray, once it’s reached the expiration date I recommend replacing it with a new one just to be safe. Of course, if you don’t want to do that then you could do a test spray in a safe location.


I was diagnosed with MS approx 6 years ago. MS is one of those invisible diseases because you would not know I have a disability if you saw me in the grocery store… Are there any accommodations you could make to your training for people with disabilities?

Mary B

Answer: We have people attend our training who are all different ages and physical abilities. We are more than happy to make any accommodations for those who may need assistance with certain aspects of the training. In fact, someone who’s taken our training multiple times is an 85-year-old fellow in a wheelchair named Stanley (He’s an amazing guy who doesn’t let anything hold him down.) So, we can certainly help you out with whatever you need.


I read your response about pepper spray vs. bear spray. Isn’t there an ingredient in bear spray that could cause irreparable neurological harm to a human? I’ve heard of attackers suing their victims claiming the victim knew the consequences but used it anyway somehow proving pre-meditation to permanently harm the attacker. Could you please respond to this?

-Marty E

Answer: Most bear and pepper spray contain the same ingredient, oleoresin capsicum (OC.) However, the biggest difference is that bear spray contains a much lower concentration. With that being said, I would imagine there have been cases where folks have been sued for using these products since this is the US and people sue anyone for any reason. The manufacturer of these types of products does put warning labels on them that they may cause permanent eye damage along with other physicals risks.


A source of military grade paracord?

Daniel P

Answer: I would check out a website called Now, the paracord they sell isn’t cheap but they do sell the 550 paracord, which is what I recommend using. The thing is, you will see lots of 550 paracord for sale online at places like Amazon, but the problem is a lot of the stuff they sell is made in China and it’s not the same quality or strength as the paracord you can get at Atwood Rope.


I found Dropbox is not secure. Shared documents with a contractor. He told me he could see other docs that I had not granted access to.

John A

Answer: I wonder if somehow your entire Dropbox account was accidently shared instead of the specific file you selected. Either way, there is definitely risk when using any cloud storage since you basically trust the company to keep your data secure from hackers. I would check out an encrypted cloud storage such as Pcloud or SpiderOak.




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