The Use of Deadly Force

In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss…

Why I choose 9mm over .45 cal…

Specs for the CZ P-10 C…

Whether or not to bother with your lights when an intruder breaks in…

How to know when you are justified to take action with your firearm…

What to do when an explosion goes off…

And how to choose the town you should escape to.

Let’s dive in…

There is so much macho crap out there in the gun magazines, on YouTube, and with gun store “experts” regarding caliber. I can’t believe how many writers make it seem that if you aren’t carrying a .45 cal, you aren’t a real man. 

Every other caliber is described as “inadequate” or “diminutive”. I’ve had the opportunity to read some of the FBI tests over the years and understand the points you make in your article.

– Gary K

Answer: You are 100% right, I fully agree with you. My concealed carry gun and my home defense gun are all 9mm. 9mm will get the job done, which is why the FBI has gone back to it.

Do you know the specs of the CZ P-10 C you mentioned in your article?

Scott L

Answer: The CZ P-10 C is a 9mm pistol with a 15+1 magazine capacity. The frame is fiber-reinforced polymer with a cold hammer forged barrel. The barrel length is 4.02 inches, the height 5.2 inches, and the width is 1.26 inches.

The overall weight is 26 oz, and overall length 7.3 inches. The CZ P-10 C sells for $499 but you can find it cheaper depending on the retailer you buy it from.

If someone breaks in during the night, would you recommend turning on the lights so you can see them (But they also see you.), or keeping them off so you can’t be seen, but that makes it harder to see your target?

– Lou G

Answer: I always store a flashlight near my home defense gun. It’s on my nightstand next to my gun safe, so I can grab it and quickly open the safe. I don’t bother wasting time turning on the lights.

I am more concerned with getting to the intruder quickly so I can stop him before he gets to my wife or kids. So, I am coming with my gun and flashlight in hand and the intruder will see the light, but my light is 600 lumens and they will be blinded by it.

As a former LEO, I have a mindset on the use of deadly force which you may be able to help me with. When on duty, I knew I had a responsibility to protect others, using deadly force if necessary to protect someone’s life. But now that I am no longer an LEO, I have had advice given to me that if I use my firearm when someone other than me is at risk, I may end up in jail.

– Barry T

Answer: Deadly force law is the same whether you’re protecting yourself or someone else. In other words, if I’m in Wal-Mart and some guy runs in and starts stabbing people I can shoot him because I believe he’s going to seriously harm or kill those people in that moment.

So, whether you’re defending yourself or another you have to believe they will very quickly be killed or incur serious bodily harm. Personally, I couldn’t stand by and watch some innocent person get killed so if I ever find myself in that situation, I plan to help them.

Can you give us some advice in how to react if we hear an explosion nearby–if we’re on the street, subway, or airport? We’ve been doing a lot traveling and concerned with all the events as of late.

– Thomas H

Answer: Every case is different, but if you hear an explosion you want to run in the opposite direction as all the other people. Most people will be running towards the main exit where you could get trampled or there could be another bomb.

You need to have situational awareness and always know where a second exit is located. So, whether it’s a mall, airport, or subway system you need to always be aware of the second exit so you can hopefully escape quickly. Also, make sure you are looking all around you as you exit the area.

I know this will be tough to do because you want to move fast, but you’ve got to scan the 360-degree area around you to make sure there are no other bombs or anything else that can hurt you.

I just finished reading a previous article on the best places to disappear to. While I don’t need to disappear, I am planning on moving out of my current apt, and am interested in going to the type of places you recommended.

Two questions: 1. I’ve heard that in those places, you can rent a house for the same, or even less, than what I would have to spend for a decent 2 bed, 2 bath apt in my current location ($1200-$1400 a month). Is that true? If so, I would definitely relocate.

Second, dumber, question: How do you find cities the size you recommend without actually getting in your car and spending weeks (months!)

– Marcus R

Answer: In smaller towns you can almost always find cheaper rent than in the bigger cities. When I first moved to my small town, I rented a townhouse for $725 a month. It would have cost me $1,600 in the DC area.

Also, I would check or you can Google a city and you will find the population and any other information you would like to know. Or just pick a state (such as Wyoming) and do an internet search for towns of 25,000-50,000 people in Wyoming.

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