How you should be storing your guns

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

How using a tourniquet will save a life and how it’s used…

Why more and more ham radios are being banned…

Random survival tips you’ve never heard before…

What the ‘best by’ dates actually mean on packages…

And how you should be storing your guns.

Let’s dive in!

How to Use a Tourniquet

One of the most useful items you can take with you everywhere you go is a tourniquet. Knowing how and when to use one has before and will again save a life. Read more here.

Why Do Government Officials Want to Ban Ham Radios?

Lately more and more ham radios are being banned. California itself has already begun it’s process of making the use of them more challenging than ever. Find out why here. Read more here. 

Random Survival Tips Never Heard Before

This article is a must read to help you prepare for 30 random events and what you need to know to survive them. It touches on everything from being buried alive to what you should do if you are alone and start choking. Read more here.

‘Best By Dates’: What the dates on packages actually mean

Have you ever wandered how important those ‘best by’ dates are on all your food items? Find out how they are determined and what you need to know about them. Read more here. 
How You Actually Need to Store Your Guns
In this article, you will learn exactly what constitutes gun storage, many of the different options available and everything you need to consider when storing yours away. Read more here. 

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