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In this week’s Must-Read articles you will learn the 7 skills to learn from hikers, why a cheap safe is not reliable, how to conceal carry while backpacking, understanding and dealing with insulin, and the major difference between being a leader vs. being a boss.

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7 Survival Skills Hikers Learn on the Trail

It may be the beginning of winter, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great tips to be learned about skills that will help you even if you are not an outdoorsman.

This article touches on the value of learning how to use a compass, dealing with a fracture, crafting tools on the fly, signaling rescuers, building a fire and more. Take a look.

Why You Can’t Rely on a Cheap Safe

High-end safes can easily cost you a pretty penny, but there are reasons why.

If you own a safe, or want to own one, it is likely to protect items that are most valuable to you, such as money, important documents, firearms and the like.

This article breaks down several scenarios that show how little resistance it takes to break a cheap safe.

Concealed Carry While Backpacking

Should you conceal carry when you are backpacking or camping? Some think so.

A few reasons to do so may be to protect yourself from a vicious animal or a threatening stranger.

If you are considering carrying a firearm in nature, check out this article that discusses important tips you should know before you do.

The Insulin Problem

For anyone needing a greater understanding of just how insulin affects the body, this will give you a short introduction in Insulin 101.

It discusses the challenges faced during emergencies, managing levels, the handling of insulin, side effects and more.

The Major Difference Between Being a Leader and Just a Boss

There are many instances where having a great leader can alter the course of any obstacle with strength and enthusiasm. Whether you are growing your business, or have already established yourself, there is always more to be gained by your own personal growth.

In this article, Tim Gamble discusses some of the main factors that change a boss into a leader.

Check it out.

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