The CIA’s vital intervention in the Ukraine war

In 2001, Gary S. was about to retire from the CIA. But after the 9/11 attacks, Gary was asked to lead a CIA team into Afghanistan.

Seven CIA officers flew into Afghanistan on September 26th and immediately began securing relationships with the Northern Alliance.

The goal was to have the Northern Alliance and U.S. Special forces conduct operations together.

The establishment of that relationship helped the U.S. call in precision airstrikes to take out Soviet tanks and anti-aircraft guns.

It helped turn the tides of the battle on the ground in the early days of the war.

And today, much like in Afghanistan, there is no doubt the CIA is operating in Ukraine.

According to reports, the U.S. has set up a network of spies that are operating to aid Ukrainian troops.

Aside from the spies, here are a few of the different ways the CIA is playing a major role in Ukraine.


A stay-behind operative is someone who stays in a place that the enemy has overtaken.

The goal of a stay-behind is to operate in secrecy and to cause problems for the invading force.

Stay-behind operatives are critical for intelligence gathering.

In Ukraine, the CIA has trained Ukrainians as stay-behind operatives.

These operatives have received training in firearms, land navigation, cover and move tactics, as well as intelligence gathering.


The CIA officers in Ukraine are not fighting on the front lines. But they are playing a major role in advising Ukrainians that are.

For example, CIA officers are providing Ukrainian commanders with intelligence from satellite images.

The Ukrainian commanders can view the images using tablets provided by the U.S. military.

This includes real-time battlefield mapping, which helps the Ukrainians successfully attack Russian troops.

Sleeper cells:

Similar to Afghanistan, the CIA began developing relationships with leaders in Ukraine before the Russian invasion.

For years, the CIA has been training local leaders in techniques from land navigation to camouflage.

The idea was that the CIA could help facilitate sleeper cells that would activate if Russia invaded Ukraine (which is exactly what happened).

Many of the leaders of these sleeper cells were trained by the CIA. They are militia leaders who could lead locals in the fight against Russian forces.

Now, with all that’s going on in America today, the political division, social unrest, out of control violence…

There is increasing needs to band together with likeminded people who share your politics, views on self-defense, and constitutional rights.

You can adopt the “sleeper cell strategy,” and intentionally create a network of people who share your beliefs and love of freedom to help take our country back.

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