Disappear from the Internet

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will read how to use the pack mentality to your advantage to successfully camp in a group, some of the most valuable measures you can take to prevent home fires, along with how and why to paint your firearm.

If you want to ‘disappear’ from the internet, we have an article that can help you achieve that, and lastly, dive into the benefits of a shooting range versus the cost of your increased chance of being shot.

Let’s dive in…

The Pack Mentality: Prepping for a Group Camping Adventure

There’s something about cutting off from the comforts of civilization and using only the company that surrounds you and nature as your entertainment. If your group has set sights on a camping adventure, here’s what you need to pack and how to prepare to make it a memorable experience for each and every one of you. Read More Here.

Fire Safety Tips: Home Fire Prevention and Planning

The use and control of fire by people in order to generate light, heat and prepare food is considered to be one of the greatest advancements of the human race. Today, we take it for granted, but it is used in controlled settings by us almost every day, especially in our homes. But what happens when fires grow beyond our control? Read More Here.

How and Why to Paint Your Firearm

In this article, I’ll tell you how to paint your gun step-by-step, easily and cheaply, and walk you through several considerations when it comes to technique and camouflage potential that will get you maximum efficiency from your DIY paintjob. Read More Here.

Tips to Help You Disappear from the Internet

Do you sometimes worry there is too much information “out there” about you? I realize it is very difficult to actually disappear from the internet but you can try to reduce the amount of information.  Read More Here.

Public Gun Ranges: A Dilemma

Public gun ranges can be very much a dilemma. On the one hand, they offer a convenient place to practice shooting our firearms. On the other hand, they are the place we are most likely to get shot. Let’s talk about it looking at both examples and statistics. Read More Here.


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