The #1 Reason Your Gun Will Fail in Combat

You already know about the importance of cleaning your firearm after you get back from the range, right?

The last thing you want is to be drawing down on a skeleton-faced, brown-toothed meth addict in a parking lot only to find that your weapon misfires because of a gummed-up bolt that wasn’t cleaned because you had… um… something “better” to do when you got home.

Hopefully you’re not that lazy.

But you may possibly be overlooking an even bigger problem…

Did you know that the #1 cause of a misfire DOESN’T have to do with your weapon at all…

… but your gun’s magazine?

Think about it…

You may have a sparkling clean handgun – nicely lubed and ready to fire – but if a bullet fails to feed into the chamber because the spring is all crudded up with gunk from the range (dust, gunpowder, chicken wing grease from all your reload practice), then you can pull the trigger all you like…

… your attacker is just going to stand there and laugh at you (before doing the 40-yard dash down your throat)!

Routine cleaning and maintenance should always include every one of your magazines (loaded and unloaded) – especially after a day at the range.

Leave it out and it’s like not cleaning the barrel – and puts you at risk.

This is exactly why there is so much focus on “Pre-Combat Staging” in this Extreme Close Combat Shooting guide my buddy Jeff wrote.

You can see all 7 “counter-ambush” factors here…

And that includes not just the maintenance of your gun, but the actual gun you carry… the ammo you load… how you wear it… and other factors most people don’t think about.

Truth is, most people think they have ALL of these figured out already but they’ve tested even experienced gun-guru’s on the range and they were shocked at how their current personal defense plan actually made it near impossible for them to survive an “ambush attack”.

Are you “staged” to survive? Test yourself here…

All the tactics in the world won’t help you if your gun is nothing more than a paperweight because no bullets will be fired.

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