The Good Old Days

In this week’s Must-Read article, you will see…

Things from the good old days that really are better…

What to eat when the power goes out…

Facemasks vs. Respirators: when to use each…

Maximizing trunk storage space…

And how crooks steal your credit card at the gas pump.

Let’s dive in…


Things From The Good Old Days That Really Are Better

Sometimes, well, things were made better way back when, and I’ve compiled a list of a few, and why I think they are better than their modern counterparts. Read More Here.

What to Eat When the Power Goes Out

When you’re in for some turbulent weather, do you head to the store with a list entitled, “Food for Power Outage?”  If you don’t already have a stockpile of non-perishable food that doesn’t require cooking, it’s time to build one. Read More Here.

Facemasks vs. Respirators: When to Use Each

Facemasks & respirators are terms that are often used by people interchangeably, but they are actually two different things entirely, and it’s important to understand what each does effectively and when they should be used. Read More Here. 

Maximizing Trunk Storage Space

It is really easy to acquire a bunch of preparedness supplies that you feel need to be with you at all times.  Even when you try to narrow down your list and combine gear purposes, you can wind up with more than you can find room. You will find that maximizing trunk storage is a must! Read More Here.

Here’s How Crooks Steal Your Credit Card at the Gas Pump

Crooks can steal your credit or debit card number anywhere you swipe your card. A simple gadget called a skimmer can let bad guys steal numbers from hundreds of people without the card owners even knowing it. Read More Here. 

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