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This week’s roundup of must-read articles covers a lot of ground — from avoiding cellphone tracking to survival sanitation to door safety.

And that’s not all…

Read on to discover how to keep all the protection you need right in your wallet, the most critical step of wildfire prep and what to do when a stranger comes calling.

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1. The Supreme Court Rules That Police Generally Need a Warrant to Get Cell-Site Records

Some good news for privacy advocates came out of the Supreme Court last week. In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled that seizing a person’s cell-site records (the data obtained every time your cellphone connects to a cell tower) constitutes a Fourth Amendment search.

This type of search not only requires a warrant supported by probable cause but also requires that the warrant dictates the specific person or place to be searched or seized.

In writing the majority decision, Chief Justice Roberts said, “This case is not about ‘using a phone’ or a person’s movement at a particular time. It is about a detailed chronicle of a person’s physical presence compiled every day, every moment, over several years.”

If you’re still concerned about being tracked by your cellphone, I suggest using disposable or “burner” phones. Buy a new burner phone each month and get a new number each time you replace your phone.

2. Home Security, Privacy, Self-Defense and Survival — All in Your Pocket

The EDC Wallet Bundle is designed to give you everything you need for basic protection from a variety of threats — break-ins, identity theft, street attacks and off-grid emergencies.

Use the lock pick set to test your home locks… Protect your personal information with the patented Hack Shield… Defend yourself against a mugger with the discreet credit card knife… Keep a compact “tool kit” at your fingertips with the 11-in-1 survival tool.

The best part about the EDC Wallet Bundle? It literally fits in your wallet for maximum security that uses minimal space. Plus, right now you can score this bundle for 50% off. Click on the link above now to claim yours.

3. Keeping Clean When SHTF — A Short on Sanitation and Hygiene

According to our friends over at 4Patriots, No. 7 of the top 12 mistakes preppers make is failing to include hygiene and sanitation in their emergency plans. The fact is one of the most difficult things to manage in times of disaster is hygiene.

Poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions breed bacteria and disease. This could lead to an especially deadly situation if you don’t have access to proper medical care or even over-the-counter medications.

This post from Prepper’s Will is short and sweet, but it includes a lot of valuable information about keeping clean in a survival situation. You’ll discover two ways to deal with human waste, how to wash your body without soap and the most important part of your body to take care of.

4. 7,700-acre Wildfire in Northern California Prompts Evacuations, Destroys 12 Structures and Threatens Hundreds More

Wildfire season is off to a raging start in California, where thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate the Spring Valley area. And unfortunately, this looks like just the beginning…

CNBC reports that “extreme heat along with drought conditions and more than 129 million dead trees could pose a fire hazard,” intensifying an already bleak outlook for the summer. Firefighters are gearing up — and you should be too.

If you live in an area at risk for wildfires, you must have an evacuation plan. I recommend having a 72-hour kit packed and ready for each member of your family so you can leave your home in 10 minutes or less.

Another critical step is putting copies of all your important documents — birth certificates, passports, medical records, insurance policies, deeds and titles — onto a flash drive in case your home isn’t there when you return.

5. Defend Your Home: Eight Tips to Answer Your Door Safely

You often see more door-to-door salespeople in the summer when the weather’s nice. With criminals these days becoming more and more brazen, it’s crucial to be extra cautious when a stranger approaches your home.

If someone knocks on your door offering a service you are actually interested in, ask the person at the door to wait while you call the company they say they are from. Look up the company’s phone number yourself and call to verify that the person at your door is an actual employee.

Keep in mind that one of the main techniques these criminals use to successfully scam you is to try to scare, intimidate or confuse you. Never be afraid to ask questions.

I also recommend reading the above article from The Prepper Journal, which offers eight more tips to keep you safe when some unknown person comes knocking. You’ll learn the art of door-opening, two ways to increase visibility, how to reinforce your door and more.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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