The Bigger They Are, The Harder We Fall

In this week’s rundown of must-read articles, size matters. First, we’ll touch on the large-scale devastation in Puerto Rico… Next, we’ll take a look at a weapon of mass destruction just waiting to be unleashed on our shores… Then we’ll examine the likelihood of a supervolcanic eruption in our lifetime… And that’s not all.


Hi-ho Silver, Up and Away

James Altucher is a best-selling author, former hedge fund investor and a major backer of Silicon Valley’s hottest ideas. Today, James offers some advice on wealth preservation in times of economic upheaval. You might be surprised to see what he recommends…


Financial Tyranny: The Dawn of a New Totalitarianism

This scheme makes money a hot potato burning the hands of anyone holding it more than three seconds. It destroys savers. And it destroys the formation of capital that is the seed corn of future growth. It turns every principle of sound economics on its ear. It is not economics, in fact. It is anti-economics. Any economist proposing it should be stripped of his title.


Time to Take the Plunge in Juniors

When’s the best time to invest in something? When everyone else is trying to get their money out of it. It might go against conventional thinking, but following the crowd usually makes you miss the real opportunities. At one monetary metal conference recently, the smartest guys in the industry sat down to discuss where these real hidden gems lay.


The Great Gold Swindle

Greetings from Maine! Right now, I’m writing from within foghorn distance of the sea. And this gives me an opportunity to tell you a down east tale that should serve as a warning to every investor: Maine’s Great Gold Swindle. I’m not talking about central banks, or manipulation of today’s markets. I’m talking about something …