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Laissez-Faire Today


Financial Tyranny: The Dawn of a New Totalitarianism

This scheme makes money a hot potato burning the hands of anyone holding it more than three seconds. It destroys savers. And it destroys the formation of capital that is the seed corn of future growth. It turns every principle of sound economics on its ear. It is not economics, in fact. It is anti-economics. Any economist proposing it should be stripped of his title.


Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission

Murray’s thesis is as simple and ringing as it is disturbing: the government has grown far too large to control. And neither the political process nor the Constitution can contain it anymore. Today’s American is more subject than citizen; he’s no longer the sovereign of his circumstances. The unaccountable, unelected regulatory state is his new master.


Doctor’s Orders – Don’t Listen

I have mad love for doctors…within a certain context. If an infection is involved or surgery must be performed, fine. But if they start telling me to eat a low-fat diet with plenty of grains for my health, or there’s nothing wrong with artificial sweeteners, the best they’re going to get from me is a barely-polite nod.


The Battle of Section 215

The Battle of Section 215 pitted the present-day Jeffersons of the American scene against the bigger government Hamiltons of the same American scene. Here we had the latest chapter in the timeless tug-of-war between liberty and security, between the individual and the state. It has never resolved in open, democratic societies. It may never fully be…