Samsung’s Facial Manipulation

In this week’s Must-Read articles learn what your options are for home defense weapons as well as how you can survive without access to food and water.

You will also get a take on how to turn complacency with alarms into a more productive and responsive alert system.

See how Samsung is tackling technology of the future and decide for yourself if it’s a good idea or just plain scary.

And finally, take a deeper look at ways to either avoid mass shootings or how to survive if you are in one.

Let’s dive in…

How to Properly Select and Outfit a Home Defense Weapon 

Choosing the right home defense weapon can be harder than one thinks. The options are limitless so where do you begin. In this article you will learn what aspects to consider before choosing a home defense weapon, their pros and cons and how to best outfit the weapon you choose. Read more here.

How Long Can a Person Live Without Food and Water

We need food and water to exist, period. However, when in a position where those things are not available to you, how do you survive and what can you use as a source to do just that? This article will help you find the appropriate methods to stay alive, to be hydrated as well as nourished in a crisis situation. Read more here.

Security Information Overload: From Panic to Apathy & the Remedy

In an era where we hear a car alarm and aren’t even cautious enough to look around, how can we properly secure our homes and our belongings in an effective way? Here is an example of turning that complacency into effective alarming methods. Read more here.

Samsung Can Now Create Fake Videos of Your Face Using Single Images

The constant growth of technology seems to carry with it two common themes. One being excitement, the other being pure freight at how it may be adapted in the wrong hands. You can add this recent breakthrough by Samsung to manipulate photos into fake videos to that category Read more here.

Mass Shooting Survival – Before, During & After A Shooting Occurs

There is no denying that mass shootings have seemingly become more frequent. It is valuable to know these key pieces of advice to either avoid it or make it through alive. One of which is staying away from gun free zones. Read more here.




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