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5 Types of Shock

Shock is simply the body’s inability to meet its metabolic demands. In plain English, it is the lack of blood flow to important organs limiting the delivery of oxygen, fuel, and nutrients. If not reversed, death occurs. Though all shock does limit blood flow and causes low blood pressure, there are five different forms of …


The Books I Recommend

I love books. In fact, I have a library of over 3,000 books. Perhaps a couple dozen of them are fiction, the rest not. They range in topic to include most everything – military history, psychology, medicine, theology, business, music, art, science, counseling, finance, you name it. I’m sure you’ve long heard and believe that …


Staying Safe From Tick Bites

Most of us love being outside hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, shooting, running, exercising, even doing yard work. As relaxing and natural as that may be, there are many potential threats that we must be aware of that could cause injury or illness. One of the most innocuous, yet irritating and potentially deadly threats, are ticks. …



We’ve been getting tetanus shots since we were kids. Now it’s just sort of a reflex that every time we go to the Emergency Room or to our personal physician, we’re asked whether or not our tetanus status is up to date. What’s the big deal anyway? No one’s ever died of tetanus. Have they? …

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