Michael D. served our nation as an intelligence operative for over two decades. His service began as an airborne reconnaissance Special Missions Unit (SMU) team member. He completed over 70 combat missions and was awarded the Air Medal and First Oak Leaf Cluster. He was recruited by the NSA where he served as a covert intelligence officer. Later, he went to the CIA where he was assigned to the “Hard Targets” unit where he planned and conducted a broad range of missions in high risk environments around the world. He then went on to serve at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as part of the Directorate of Clandestine Human Intelligence Operations.

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The Truth About the Coronavirus

My expertise and experience provide me a perspective that may escape the observations of medical professionals, virologists, government administrators, basement-based self-proclaimed polymaths, and entertainers posing as journalists. This is what I see when I examine the CoVid-19 global infectious plague. I have come to know that coincidences are extremely rare.  And that when significant events …


Operative Reveals How Trump Was Spied On

The news is full of commentary and analysis on the Mueller Report. One of the fundamental and most critical aspects of this unprecedented “investigation” is of the origins of law enforcement and intelligence agencies “spying” on Donald Trump, members of his campaign and family members. The entire investigation was founded on intelligence collected through the …


Training Day

It was early one afternoon on a chilly day in the late fall and I was running a training (evaluation) exercise for our new candidates for the Hard Targets team in Directorate of Operations. They were from a few different agencies within the Intelligence Community’s Operations Directorates (and one was even from an outside agency). …


How Spies Test Themselves

In every career or personal journey, there are some essential fundamentals that underlay and inform almost all decisions and actions faced by an individual in that field. For instance, the medical profession has the Hippocratic Oath and Police Officers “Serve and Protect”. For others, the skills and knowledge of personal safety are at the very …

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