No One Is Ready for This

This week’s batch of must-read articles covers every aspect of safety and survival from cybersecurity to self-defense to emergency preparedness — starting with a natural disaster virtually no one is ready for.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. A Natural Disaster That We Still Aren’t Prepared For: Drought

You may be ready to bug out to escape a raging wildfire or hunker down to outlast a hurricane, but are you prepared to survive a prolonged water crisis?

Probably not — most folks aren’t. Which means there are going to be a lot of thirsty and desperate people at the first signs of a water shortage. But there is something you can do about it — if you act RIGHT NOW.

First, start stockpiling emergency water. One way to do this is by purchasing several 55-gallon drums. However, these containers are immovable and take up a ton of space.

Another (more convenient) option is to use the WaterBricks water storage system. They act like bulk storage but are completely portable. Plus, you can store WaterBricks practically anywhere to maximize space — basement, closets, underneath beds, above cabinets, etc.

Next, make water conservation a habit in your household. In an extended drought you’ll have to make your supply last. Click on the article above to discover five ways to conserve water in your home.

2. The One Enemy More Dangerous Than Anything Else

If lack of water is Public Enemy No. 1 in a crisis, then darkness is a close second. If you can’t SEE the threat, you can’t NEUTRALIZE the threat.

That’s why a flashlight is one of the most critical pieces of my EDC (everyday carry) gear. And THIS flashlight is head and shoulders above the rest.

The incredibly compact design packs a blinding beam that will shed light on any emergency situation. Plus, the nearly indestructible military-grade metal means it can take a beating and keep on shining.

In addition to your EDC gear, you should have one of these flashlights in your car (for a roadside emergency) and on every level of your home (for a blackout or home invasion scenario). Click on the link above to buy one for yourself today.

Or better yet — buy a bundle at an incredible discount.

3. Scammers Abused Facebook Phone Number Search

Last Wednesday, Facebook revealed that virtually all of its 2 billion users have had their personal data scraped by “malicious actors.”

One of the primary ways cybercriminals harvested data on unsuspecting users was through the reverse phone lookup feature. That feature was shut down after Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer dropped this bombshell, but that’s like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted — it’s too little too late.

This is why you should ALWAYS give misinformation on social media accounts. Never list your real birthday or any other identifying information (such as where you were born or went to college). This information could easily be used to hack your other online accounts.

4. Russia Follows Iran in Blocking Telegram Messaging App

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the importance of the Second Amendment — and you all know where I land on that score. But the First Amendment is equally as important (even if I don’t always agree with what people are saying).

In countries like Russia and Iran, however, citizens aren’t granted these basic freedoms. Recently, both of these repressive nations moved to block the use of encrypted messaging apps — specifically Telegram. The app’s encryption is so effective, those in power can’t break in and use it spy on their own citizens.

The fact is if Telegram’s encryption is strong enough to thwart Russia’s and Iran’s attempts to find a back door, it will certainly be able to keep your correspondence private. For instructions on how to download and use the app, click here.

5. Five Self-Defense Moves to Get You Free in a Survival Scenario

When it comes to self-defense, your main goal shouldn’t be to beat your attacker into submission. Rather, you should focus on creating an opportunity for you to escape to safety and call for help.

This piece from Modern Survival Online runs down a concise list of five self-defense moves that will give you the time you need to remove yourself from a dangerous situation. Best of all, they don’t require ANY special training. Any person of any size, age or gender can execute them.

Take a look. And as always…

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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