Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

In this week’s roundup of must-read articles, you’ll learn an effective maneuver that can stop any attacker in their tracks… six ways to turn an everyday item into a powerful survival tool… why you should check your social media account right now… and more.


Do Bears Sh*t in the Woods?

When we talk about threats, a big part of what we talk about is how likely it is a certain threat will become a reality — then we prepare accordingly. This week’s collection of must-read articles will help you prepare for the familiar and the far-fetched because you never know what will happen.


Be Social, Not Stupid

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of using social media. But if you don’t want to deactivate your accounts, at least take a look at this week’s first reader question for some social media safety tips you should start implementing today.


Tax Exiles Flee America

Entrepreneurs are high-tailing it out of the United States, and it’s the politicians’ fault The U.S. government is driving some of its most productive citizens abroad. The only beneficiaries are countries such as Singapore and Switzerland, which offer sanctuary to Americans fleeing avaricious Uncle Sam. Three years ago Eduardo Saverin, one of Facebook’s founders, joined …


The One Thing Every Successful Startup Investor Knows

Can you imagine losing $119 billion in a single day? That might sound like an impossible amount of money to lose in any amount of time, but in the high-stakes world of startups, it really can happen in a day. And whenever there’s a “loser” in a zero-sum situation like this, there’s also a “winner.” The difference between the two? Vision.