Smokeless Fire

In this week’s mailbag I’ll explain where to find QuikClot and Swat-T Tourniquet’s along with which holster I recommend for the Sig Sauer 938.

I’ll also discuss how to remain secure when buying smart tv’s, building a smokeless fire and which spy camera glasses to consider.

And finally, I’ll discuss what consequences to consider when it comes to your ‘security’ dog.

Let’s dive in…

Where can I find the following? Quick Clot and Swat-t Tourniquet?

– Bob W

Answer: Both QuikClot and the Swat-T Tourniquet can both be purchased online from Amazon. The QuikClot sells for about $20 and the tourniquet sells for about $12 on Amazon.

Also, you can find these products at major outdoor retailers such as REI. Both of these products can save your life after a serious injury so I definitely would add them to your gear.

I just purchased a Sig Sauer 938. What holster do you recommend?

– Ryan A

Answer: I would look into an inside the waistband kydex holster. If you wear cargo pants with large pockets, you could also get a pocket kydex holster. I carry my Sig Sauer P238 in a pocket kydex holster. Just do an Internet search for pocket kydex holster and you’ll see plenty of options to choose from. I like Kydex holsters because they are very tough and durable.

Hello Jason, Our 20-year-old TV is starting to go. My husband wants a new big screen TV, but after reading as much as I could online, I’m not sure I want one in my house…

– Becky S

Answer: Most new TV’s are “Smart TV’s” which means they connect to the internet and offer streaming, app downloads, and even a web browser. However, you can still purchase TV’s that don’t have internet connection capabilities, which would keep you safe from hacking.

If you do get a new Smart TV, I would suggest downloading a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app so you can stay safe while streaming or browsing the internet on your TV.

I love all your information you give! My question is what kind of wood to use for a smokeless fire if I would have to cook over one especially if I don’t want to be noticed?

– Charlie M

Answer: The most important aspect of creating a smokeless fire is using very dry wood. You also want to use small tinder or pieces of wood because when you add a large amount of fuel to a fire it usually creates more smoke. Also, very important is to build a Dakota Fire Hole. Do a quick Internet search and you’ll see how to make one of these.

Can you recommend some spy camera glasses?

– Tim S

Answer: There are a lot of different choices when it comes to spy camera glasses. One option I would consider is the Toughsty Video Glasses, which sell for around $65.00 on Amazon. These glasses record video, plus audio and use a micro SD slot so you can use a 32 GB card for larger storage.

When it comes to dog signs for security be aware that in some localities if you post a “Beware the Dog” sign there is an assumption that the dog, if you have one, has vicious tendencies. So, if the dog bites someone under certain circumstances that foreknowledge will be held against you. And the dog!

– Michael B

Answer: One of the most common liability claims on homeowner’s insurance is the result of dog bites, so you bring up a good point. As you mentioned, you should check with local and state laws regarding signage because they can vary depending on where you live.

Of course, if a criminal breaks into my house and my dog bites him, I will take my chances in court that he was at fault for the dog bite.

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