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In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss what information you should provide when buying a prepaid phone, the legality of stun guns, and how to go about handling post earthquake cooking.

I’ll also go over proximity when using an execution torch, what my Every Day Carry items are and where I place them and lastly, my recommendations on paracord.

Let’s dive in…

I have a question for you regarding prepaid phones. When you get to the cashier and it’s time to pay they ask you your name and address.

Last time I got a burner phone I made up a name, do you agree with that? If forced to give a name should I just simply make one up the way I have in the past?

– Jay G

Answer: First, I would simply decline to give the cashier your name. Tell them you don’t like to give out personal information. I have done this myself and I know other customers who have done the same thing. If they require that you give them a name, I would give them a false name to protect yourself.

Some of my customers use these phones because they have stalkers, and if your life is in danger, the last thing you want to do is give the cashier your name in case someone is trying to track you.

I love the letter but I’m not sure if those torches are legal in New York where I live. If they were legal in NY I would love to own one. Do you know if they are legal in NY?

– Arthur O

Answer: In early 2019, a federal judge ruled that New York’s ban on personal ownership of stun guns is unconstitutional. I would guess that this ruling is being challenged and the laws regarding stun guns could change again.

Following a natural disaster such as an earthquake, how can you be sure if it is safe to light a fire? With broken natural gas lines or gasoline fumes that sink close to the ground, is seems risky to try to cook either inside or outside the house.

– Diane R

Answer: Fires are often associated with broken gas lines, which is one of the common side effects of earthquakes. When it comes to cooking, I would plan on surviving on pre-cooked items in the days following an earthquake.

So, in your bug out bag you should have plenty of food bars or other ready to eat meals that won’t require heating. Now, if you must start a fire for warmth, I would do so in a remote location where you are confident there are no gas lines or other hazards after the earthquake.

How close do you have to be to use the execution torch?

– Walter W

Answer:  The Execution torch is a stun gun designed to supply an electric shock aimed at temporarily disrupting muscle functions and inflicting. The Execution Torch delivers the electric shock by direct contact with the target, where Tasers commonly carried by police, fire projectiles that deliver the shock through wires.

In other words, if you were being attacked you would need to touch the person with it for it to be effective.

Where do you put all your EDC stuff on your body and not look conspicuous?

– Roger H

Answer: I have a knife clipped to my pants pocket. I have a tactical pen clipped to my other pocket. I have a gun either in my front pocket or a gun on my hip. I wear a gun belt that has hidden compartments inside where I can carry lock pick sets, cash, a handcuff key etc.

I keep my wallet in my left, front pocket. While it might sound like a lot of stuff, it really doesn’t take up that much space or draw attention and you’ll usually find me wearing jeans or cargo pants.

Can you give some recommendations on choosing parachute cord?

– John G

Answer: When it comes to paracord, the key is to make sure you buy paracord 550 that is made in the United States. A lot of places sell paracord 550 that is made in China and the quality isn’t the same. I’ve tested so many types of paracord and unless it’s made in the USA it doesn’t hold up, so stay away from the cheap Chinese stuff.

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