The Ebola Virus Is Back

This week’s batch of must-read articles covers a whole host of new threats — from Ebola to steam explosions to domestic violence.

Read on to find out how to protect yourself.

1. Why Ebola Keeps Coming Back (And What You Can Do About It)

Ebola is a highly contagious disease with the potential to spread like wildfire — especially since its initial flu-like symptoms are easy to misdiagnose. All it would take is one infected person on American soil and we’d have an epidemic on our hands.

You need to give some thought to how you can protect your family if an outbreak occurs in your area. Most likely, quarantining you and your family in your home will give you the best chance of survival. To do this, you’ll need the proper supplies.

In addition to food and water, you’ll need a box or two of N95 respirator masks, a box or two of Nitrile surgical gloves plus a supply of antibacterial soap, disinfectant wipes and bleach to maintain sanitary conditions while you’re sheltering in place.

Other items you should seriously consider having at home include plastic sheeting (so you can create an isolation room in your home if a family member becomes infected) and duct tape (to seal the plastic). Also stock up on Tyvek suits, goggles and lots of contractor-grade trash bags for waste removal.

2. Equifax Filing Reveals Hack Was Worse Than Previous Estimates

On May 8, Equifax released data revealing that last year’s breach was worse than previously disclosed. Here are the latest leaked data totals from TechCrunch:

  • Full name: 146.6 million
  • Date of birth: 146.6 million
  • Social Security number: 145.5 million
  • Full address: 99 million
  • Gender: 27.3 million
  • Phone number: 20.3 million
  • Driver’s license number (incl. 2.4 million partials): 17.6 million
  • Email address: 1.8 million
  • Credit card numbers (with expiration dates): 209,000
  • Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN/Tax ID): 97,500
  • Driver’s license state: 27,000.

The good news is this doesn’t change anything you should already be doing — putting a freeze on your credit and checking your statements monthly.

The unfortunate reality is not only can you not trust companies to handle your personal information properly, but you also can’t trust them to be honest about their mistakes. That’s why you must do everything in your power to safeguard yourself from identity theft.

3. Revolutionary Identity Theft and Credit Card Protection in Your Pocket

The reality is more than 31 million people get their credit cards hacked every year. One way to thwart thieves trying to steal your credit card information is to carry an RFID-blocker in your wallet.

The Hack Shield works by forming an electronic barrier around your cards, making them — and your personal data — invisible to identity thieves. It requires NO batteries, NO charging and NO activation. Just stick it in your wallet and that’s it.

Click on the link above to get one for FREE while supplies last.

4. New Volcanic Fissures Appear in Hawaii, Officials Warn of a Possible Explosive Eruption

The situation in Hawaii is heating up…

Fresh fissures are continually forming, spewing molten lava and smoke into the air. At least 36 buildings have been swallowed as lava creeps across the countryside. Nearly 2,000 residents have been evacuated, and vacation rentals have been ordered to cease operations.

And that’s not all.

New dangers for residents of Hawaii’s Big Island include acid rain, volcanic smog and steam-induced explosions. These explosions would send ballistic projectiles — ranging from gravel to several-ton rocks — raining down on the surrounding towns.

The lesson here is that natural disasters are not isolated events. The initial catastrophe often sets off a chain reaction. This means even if you don’t live in the immediate vicinity, your family could still be in danger.

5. Domestic Violence Soared Following Puerto Rico Hurricane

It’s a well-documented fact that after any large-scale natural disaster violence against women and girls skyrockets, especially in poorer nations. It’s a sickening phenomenon that — at a time when their world has already been turned upside down — certain men take advantage of the situation and prey on their community’s most vulnerable citizens.

What’s worse, many of the victims suffer at the hands of their partner. Since Hurricane Maria decimated the island of Puerto Rico in September, the number of domestic violence calls has increased fourfold.

This is why it’s critical that in addition to stockpiling food, water and emergency supplies, you also have the means to defend yourself. But simply being armed isn’t enough. Whether you arm yourself with a gun, a Taser, a bat or even a tactical pen, be sure to keep it on you and don’t hesitate to use it if you are threatened with violence.

It’s a shame that some people resort to this kind of despicable behavior. If it comes down to you or them — do what you have to do to protect yourself.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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