Simple, simple, simple home defense trick. . .

Ok, here’s a “quick defense tip” you can test right away…

You see, home invaders rely on gaining control of your home without outside detection, right?

When no one knows these sadistic predators have taken over you and your family, they can camp out for days and play out any number of sick fantasies they desire.

This is why a home alarm is so necessary. When an alarm goes off, the home invader is stripped of that sense of control and is usually forced to retreat.

But the smart ones know how to bypass an alarm or it may simply fail to do the job when you need it most.

So here’s a handy “back-up” for when you’re attacked at home or hear a bump in the night and suspect it to be a home invader…

If your car has an alarm system installed and you have a remote key with a panic button on it (most do), then do this now…

* With your car parked where it normally is, go to your bedroom with your remote key.

* Hit the panic button and listen to hear if your car alarm gets triggered. * If your car’s alarm goes off, great… you’re all set!

* If your alarm doesn’t go off… consider an alternative parking location closer to your bedroom where the signal will be picked up.

It’s simple – yet powerful way to make sure you have as many of the odds stacked in your favor as possible.

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If you’re ambushed during the day and your alarm isn’t set, you can reach into your pocket for your keys and sound off the alarm (preferably from a saferoom) with a touch of the button.

At night, you can reach over to your bedside table and trigger your key’s panic button to wake up the neighborhood and send the intruder running.

P.S. – Something you should also keep in mind…

You MUST know where your car keys are to make this work!

If you’re the type of person who’s always running around frantic because you can never remember where you left your keys, you’re not likely to make this work for you.

Keep them on your person during the day and on your nightstand when you’re sleeping so they’ll always be handy.

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