Disappear Without a Trace [Video Update]

Dear Reader,

People often ask me how to “stay off the grid” or “disappear without a trace.” And although that’s the topic of today’s video alert, I must stress that this is not something to be taken lightly.

There are many reasons a person may want to vanish and resume their life elsewhere — from escaping an abusive relationship to credibility-destroying identity theft. If you’re all out of options, this short video will show you how to stealthily relocate.

You’ll discover…

  • The three critical steps to ensure you won’t be found — even if your ex hires a private investigator to search for you
  • What to look for in a new town, where to get a job and how to find an apartment
  • Several ways to make it look like you’re moving somewhere that you’re not
  • Why cash is king in this type of survival situation
  • And more…

Click here or on the image below to watch and learn.

Spy Briefing

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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