CCW Tactics For Real Gunfights: Dad Drops BABY… Then Draws His Gun!

It was 1:30 on a bright, sunny Spring afternoon when 21 y.o. Martavious Conner took his infant daughter to a local McDonald’s for a treat.

“As I’m leaving out, someone asked me for a lighter,” Conner explained.

That wasn’t a random request.

Conner had no idea that he was being watched, carefully selected… and lured into a trap!

He was “the perfect target” for an ambush!

Waiting in the parking lot was 21 y.o. Ladarius Pugues (not pictured) and his partners, Cortez Cole, Terrell Pullen, and Quinton Webb – four scumbag thugs with a long history of crime and violence.

Caught off-guard, Conner was instantly swarmed by the four attackers – viciously choked, beaten, and pistol-whipped as he clung to his daughter with a white-knuckle grip to shield her from the blows.

“I was to the ground losing consciousness, but hearing my baby holler – that’s what kept me <fighting>,”Conner said.

Outnumbered and unarmed, he knew he couldn’t last long… and had to do SOMETHING before he and his daughter were killed!

Conner’s only chance for survival was his gun he had hidden under the seat of his car while he went into the restaurant.

But there was just one problem…

He needed both hands to get to, and deploy, his weapon… yet they were the only thing shielding his daughter from the barrage of blows by four monsters who were not giving up the fight.

Conner took instant action…

Dropping his daughter, he scrambled into the car for his gun.

Pulling it from under his seat while being dragged out by his attackers, he wasn’t able to “aim” his weapon – but managed to pull the trigger and get a single round into both legs of one of his attackers.

But the fight wasn’t over…

In a sudden twist of fate, one of the men managed to wrestle the weapon away from Conner… and pointed it at his head!

That should have been the end for this young father…

Yet, in an unbelievable stroke of luck, the gun jammed in the hands of the attacker and Conner’s life – and his daughter’s – were saved.

The four men – one now bleeding on the pavement – piled into their black Infinity and sped away to escape, later to be arrested when they stopped at a fire station to get medical attention for their wounded friend.

Conner and his daughter were lucky.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to rely on “luck” to protect me and my family… and as a father myself, this story scares the heck out of me.

This guy even had to drop his baby and fight off multiple attackers before he could engage them with his weapon!

What this means is that knowing how to draw, aim, and shoot your gun is not enough.

In other words, you’ve got to know how to FIGHT to your gun!

If you’re an open-minded shooter (or if you’re always looking to fine-tune your current skills), then I highly recommend you check out this training now.

I know you’ll walk away with a lot more confidence in your skills.

Think about that the next time you’re walking with your kids or grandkids.

I know I will.

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