Bug Out Vehicle

In this week’s mailbag I’ll explain how to make sure your data and privacy aren’t being shared, whether or not to shoot a bear if it is a threat, along with how to tell if you’ve been hacked.

I’ll also explain how I choose my every day carry guns and discuss wax options for gun cleaning. And lastly, I will give you my take on a what bug out vehicle to own.

Let’s dive in…

Is there any way that we can put the cell phone companies on notice that they do not have our consent to sell our privacy and data to other marketing companies?

– Dan H

Answer: The problem is when you first signed up for your cell phone plan you probably agreed to typical data-sharing policies that are buried within pages and pages of privacy policies and terms of agreements.

Now, the first thing you should do is call your cell phone provider and tell them you want to opt-out of any and all sharing of your personal information or data.

Next, you should consider turning off the GPS or location data on your cell phone. This is one of the many ways cell phone companies learn your habits for marketing purposes.

Lastly, I would install a virtual private network(VPN) application on your cell phone such as Norton VPN,  just like you should on your computer. This will prevent your cell phone company from tracking your location.

I have spent a lot of my life camping and living in bear country. I had a sow break into my camper shell while I slept in a tent 20 feet away. My policy is never shoot a bear. It will kill you anyway. If you do shoot one, aim for the throat. That is the only weak spot and you had better not miss.

– Phil C

Answer: I wouldn’t go out looking for a bear to shoot. But, if I was confronted with a potentially deadly situation, I would absolutely shoot in self-defense, whether it’s a bear or a person. Anything that is trying to kill me, will be shot.

How can you tell if you’ve been hacked? How would you know if someone has been reading your emails?

– Samantha J

Answer: There are a number of different ways to tell if your computer has been hacked or if someone is spying on you. One of the easiest ways to tell is if you are constantly getting fake anti-virus pop-ups on your computer.

This is one of the most common ways hackers will steal more information from you by getting you to click on the fake anti-virus notification.

Another common sign that your computer has been compromised is constant internet website redirects sending you to websites that you didn’t intend to visit.

If your computer starts doing weird things like the ones mentioned above there is a good chance someone has hacked it. Remember to always use a reputable anti-virus program as well as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to stay safe.

But, if you believe your computer is totally messed up and has been hacked, then start over and buy a new one.

You’ve mentioned that your everyday carry is a 1911, and when that is too large to conceal you go with a Sig P938. Could you comment on why you lean toward polymer handguns?

– Sonny K

Answer: Truthfully, I could care less what a gun is made of as long as it feels good in my hand, I’m a good shot with it, it’s reliable and durable. So, sometimes I have a Springfield 1911 on my hip and other times I have a Sig P365 in my pocket. I also have a Remington RP9 in my home and a Walther Creed for home defense, to name a few.

Have you ever used Johnson paste wax for your gun? It is great for the outside of the metal and wood parts.

– Josh E

Answer: Thanks for the information, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve never tried this but I know some people like to use a wax on the wooden parts so this sounds like a viable option. With that being said, the wax shouldn’t replace your gun oil so make sure to keep you gun cleaned and oiled regularly.


What do you suggest for people regarding a Bug Out Vehicle? I’m thinking an older 4 x 4 pickup without an electronic ignition. I’ll carry an extra set of tools, tires, and parts. This vehicle will still run if an EMP is part of the package we get hit with.

– Arnold L

Answer: The older the vehicle, the better the chance it will survive an EMP attack. I would personally look into an older half-ton or bigger pickup or SUV.

When it comes to surviving an EMP, there is no guarantee that a specific year or model of vehicle would survive, but the less electronic components the vehicle has, the better the chances it won’t be affected. This is why I own a few “work” trucks that are pretty darn old.

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