3 ways to survive an assassination attempt

As most people know, Shinzo Abe was a former prime minister of Japan.

As a member of Japan’s House of Representatives, he was speaking at a political event in Nara City, Japan on July 8th, 2022.

While speaking, he was shot from behind at close range.

The assassin fired his first shot but missed, the second shot he fired struck Abe, killing him.

There were 2.5 seconds between the first and second shots.

Immediately after the shooting, security tackled the man who used a homemade gun to kill Abe.

Abe was transported by helicopter to a hospital where he died.

The failure to protect Abe followed a series of security lapses that allowed the gunman to carry out his attack.

Gun violence is rare in Japan, and political campaigns are often up close and personal with little security.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida acknowledged security lapses occurred.

The 67-year-old Abe was left exposed from behind as he gave his speech on a public roadway.

The gunman was allowed to get within about 15 feet of Abe, unchecked and carrying his weapon.

One security expert said, “They should have seen the attacker very deliberately walking towards the rear of the prime minister and intervened.”

Video footage showed that the security detail did not appear to create a security ring around Abe. In addition, they did not have any surveillance in the crowd.

After the first shot was fired, Abe looked over his shoulder. Two bodyguards tried to get between him and the gunman while two others rushed toward the gunman.

The security team tackled the shooter moments after he fired the second shot.

Yet, critics argue that the security detail should have run to protect Abe instead of moving toward the gunman.

A security official in Japan said, “There was a more than two-second window before the second shot, so they definitely could have prevented that. If Abe had been protected properly, it could have been avoided.”

Assassination attempts of political leaders have been occurring more often lately.

But even if you aren’t a political figure, you never know if someone has it out for you.

For instance, maybe you have an ex-spouse, former friend, or angry business partner that wants to harm you.

That being said, here are a few tactics to keep in mind if you think someone might try to harm you.

Private departure:

Let’s say you’re attending a public gathering or going out to a restaurant for dinner.

Most likely, you will enter the venue through the front doors like everyone else.

However, when it comes time to leave you should always try to leave through a different exit.

Reason is, if someone is watching or following you, they will expect you to exit the same way you entered.

In other words, as you are leaving the restaurant it’s the perfect time to attack.

So, if you are attending an event try to find a different way to exit.

If you tip someone a few bucks, they might be willing to let you out the employee entrance or through the back door.

Be less visible:

Abe was giving a speech in the middle of a roadway when he was shot. I can’t think of a more open location.

The fact is, 60% of assassination attempts occur in or around a vehicle. In other words, out in the open.

When moving from your home or any building to a vehicle you want to limit the time you spend exposed outside. Ideally, you want the vehicle as close to the door as possible.

Avoid uncontrolled space as much as possible. Think about John Lennon. He was shot as he walked on the sidewalk.

Dedicated spotter:

When you go out in public you are the most vulnerable. So, if you have a serious threat against you, you should work as a team with your family or whomever you are with.

For instance, if you are going out and you believe someone may be targeting you then you should have a family member or friend act as a spotter.

This person should be focused on who is watching you.

If a stranger starts to walk toward you, this person should be able to see it before you do.

In the security industry, this person is called a close protection bodyguard. Their job is to grab the protectee and physically move them away.

Oftentimes a security detail will grab a person by the belt to move them to safety.

Most assassin’s focus on their plan to attack their target. Yet, they often don’t have an escape route.

The best defense against an assassination attempt is to use good situational awareness.

Watch for people who seem out of place. And if anything seems off you should get away as fast as possible.

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