Consider this when buying a knife

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

The items you need in your Get Home Bag…

How to be prepared if you’re renting…

A quick reference guide to CCW in all 50 states…

What to consider when buying a knife…

And which pvc pipe essentials you need in your shelter!

Let’s dive in…

Must have items for your Get Home Bag

We’ve all heard about and hopefully have a bug out bag. But an item that is just essential is a get home bag. See what it is and what you should have stocked in it. Read more here.

How to be prepared if you’re renting

Don’t get bogged down by the setbacks of renting your property instead of owning. This article tackles these setbacks and provides great solutions to those challenges. Read more here.

Travelers quick reference CCW guide for all 50 states

With the ever changing roller coaster of gun laws as of late, your best move is to be prepared and know what is permitted and what is not. Find out all you need to know in this quick reference guide. Read more here.

8 Tips to consider when buying a knife

There are so many options for knives out there, but narrowing down the list can be easily done if you recognize a few important factors. This article presents the main characteristics you need to consider when buying a knife. Read more here.

10 Essential PVC pipe DIY’s for a fully stocked shelter

The benefits of using PVC pipes for storage of your survival items cannot be underestimated. See 10 essential ways you should be putting these great tools to use. Read more here.

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