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Should you bury a stash of money?

When they moved into their Staten Island home, Matthew and Maria C. noticed an old electrical box in the yard. The box was partly hidden between some trees and they never paid much attention to it. “I thought it was an electrical box,” Matthew told local media. But when trees in their yard were damaged …


How to Cope During Quarantine

Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader, In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover… Alternatives for toilet paper when you run out… Civil liberties at stake during the Coronavirus… Ways to cope with isolation, quarantines and power outages… How to create a last minute food stash… And ten skills to practice everyday to prepare for a crisis… Let’s dive …


Saved by a Tarp

Paddy O’Connell was in Montana with his friend Erik for the opening of Beartooth Pass. The two had planned to ski for three days and camp at night in the woods near a creek. During their trip, the area was getting pounded with wet snow. At the lower elevation where the two were camping, it …