Whiteout Conditions

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will discover how to maneuver your vehicle in a snow storm, be introduced to a non-lethal self-defense option, learn about a new smartphone feature, how and why to have an emergency fund, and see what you need to know about intelligence analysis.

Let’s dive in…

How to Maneuver a Vehicle and Drive During Whiteout Conditions

While some of you may consider yourself a pro when it comes to driving in winter weather, others may rarely experience such challenges.

Either way, Ready Nutrition gives you a visual experience of what driving in a whiteout condition is like and will provide you with some great tips and advice to help you should you ever find yourself stuck in a snow storm.

Options for Less Lethal Self-Defense

There are some great products out there to help you defend yourself. However, you or someone you know may be less comfortable using a method that has a lethal outcome.

For those that are, GunWorld will introduce you to an effective and impressive item that will provide you with a less-lethal manner to use in a sticky situation.

New Tool Uses Your Smartphone Camera to Track Your Alertness at Work

It seems the capabilities of smartphones and other electronic devices continue to expand with time and effort.

Regardless of where your thoughts lie on the matter, it is valuable to be aware of these advances.

In this article you will see how researchers have developed a tool to understand your alertness patterns throughout the workday in an effort to improve productivity.

Financial Preparedness-An Emergency Fund

Financial preparedness is not something that can only be accomplished by those who already have a generous amount of funds in their bank account. Anyone can learn the trade and tips to get on the road to maintaining your own emergency fund.

In this article you will get a breakdown of what an emergency fund is, why you need it, how much goes in it, how to fund it, how to use it and where to keep it.

Three Levels of Intelligence Analysis Everyone Needs to Know and Why

Modern Survival tackles the 3 levels of intelligence analysis, tactical, operational and strategic, to help provide not only some insight into its importance but also how this can practically be applied in an everyday environment.

Check it out.

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