Origins of Covid-19

In this week’s mailbag we cover…

The origin and potential reason this virus was developed…

The best long-range communication options…

Why flip phones cannot be tracked…

Risks associated with legally and illegally concealed carrying…

My thoughts on SimpliSafe for home security…

And how to get Google to blur your home on Google Maps.

Let’s dive in…

Is it possible or plausible that this virus was developed in China and Wuhan was the test city? 

– Jack H

Answer: Yes, that is 100% possible. The Chinese have plenty of labs and have a robust biowarfare program. Also, as history has shown, they really don’t care about their people and treat them like crap. (As all Communist governments do.)

What is the best long-range communication, my mom is 345 miles away, kids and grandkids are 40 miles away?

– Paige S

Answer: If cell phones and landlines are inoperable, I would recommend using a satellite phone. But, satellite phones aren’t cheap and a quality one will cost you a pretty penny.

My point is, you aren’t going to use a satellite phone to chit chat, but you can use it during an emergency to check in with everyone. The main requirement for a satellite phone to work is a clear view of the sky. I would check out the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro2.

So why can they not track a flip phone?

– Norm E

Answer: Most flip phones are older, meaning they are not always connected to the internet and sending your information back and forth. In addition, older flip phones are not GPS enabled, so you can’t use them for things like mapping or directions.

Basically, since an older flip phone doesn’t have internet connectivity, your location cannot be pinpointed by Google or Apple. However, any cell phone will use a cell tower when making a phone call, so phone companies can track your phone to a general location based on the cell phone tower it’s connecting to.

(If you buy a flip phone, pay cash and have the store activate it for you, so that you’re not the owner of record.)

I have never gotten a concealed carry permit for the simple fact that I don’t trust the government. A concealed carry is like painting a target on your back. My feelings are that, should a future administration manage to repeal the Second Amendment (or simply choose to ignore it) everyone with a concealed carry permit will be the first targets the cops will go after…

– Dale A

Answer: I don’t disagree that obtaining a concealed carry permit puts your name on a government record, but the good thing is no one will know exactly how many guns you own. What I mean is, a lot of folks have a concealed permit and own one firearm for protection, however some people own a lot more.

Let’s say you inherited a gun from a family member or legally built your own Ghost Gun. If the police came looking for your guns, there is no way for them to know exactly how many you have.

As for me personally, I carry concealed every day and it’s not worth the risk for me to take the chance of getting caught illegally carrying a gun and so I do have my permit. But, I also have guns that don’t exist and are well hidden.

What are your thoughts on SimpliSafe for home security?

– Brian M

Answer: It is a good choice and I know a lot of people who use it. It’s a DIY option and there’s no reason I wouldn’t give it a try.

Is it possible to remove satellite views of my home and backyard from Google Maps?

– Nancy T

Answer: You would need to go through the process of requesting Google to blur the image. The thing is, they will normally do this for a home, but usually require a legitimate reason to blur other aspects such as the yard.

Of course, you have nothing to lose by trying. To get the process started, go to Google Maps and once you see the image you want to blur, click on “report a problem” and tell them you want to blur your house.

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